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Get Ahead of the SAP Solution Manager 7.1 Curve

by John Krakowski and Evan Stoddard | SAPinsider

October 1, 2012

SAP Solution Manager allows companies to streamline internal processes, minimize manual effort, and reduce operational costs by providing a central, integrated orchestration platform that includes the processes, tools, and services to manage both SAP and non-SAP solutions. In this article, you’ll get an overview of SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP05, and the game-changing enhancements it includes.

SAP Solution Manager is a central, integrated orchestration platform that includes the processes, tools, services, and organizational model needed to manage SAP and non-SAP solutions across the entire IT landscape and throughout the complete application life cycle. Based on an SAP Enterprise Support contract, SAP Solution Manager allows companies to streamline internal processes, minimize manual effort, reduce operational costs, and introduce new business functionality with greater ease. With SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP05, SAP is adding even more game-changing enhancements to help improve the way you run your system landscapes, implement your solutions, operate your applications, and adopt innovations.

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Run Better: Solving the Problem of “Too Much to Do with Too Little”

SAP’s approach to enabling effective and efficient application management and solution operation can be summed up with the motto, “Run SAP Like a Factory.” Even in a solution landscape with lots of moving parts to manage and few resources to do so, by using this approach, you can ensure that everything is running optimally.

As part of the Run SAP Like a Factory approach, SAP Solution Manager supports a central operations control center strategy that provides all the important status and runtime information about a company’s most important business processes, critical interfaces, and the underlying software components. Members of the operations control center are notified in case of critical alerts so they can start any necessary error analysis in SAP Solution Manager.

Key SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP05 Enhancements to Help You Run Better
  • SAP HANA SP04 integration with SAP Solution Manager’s change control management functionality to enable users to track and ensure the quality of changes for the SAP HANA landscape (see Figure 1)
  • SAP NetWeaver Gateway 2.0 and Sybase Unwired Platform 2.1.1 integration with SAP Solution Manager’s monitoring and alerting capabilities so these systems can be monitored and analyzed
  • Improved flexibility of change control management processes
  • New change control downgrade protection capabilities to ensure that older changes do not overwrite newer versions
  • Reporting and dashboards, based on SAP Net-Weaver Business Warehouse and SAP BusinessObjects, for change request management
  • Full configuration management database (CMDB) integrated capability for IT service management (ITSM) and monitoring
  • Additional ITSM improvements (like improved roles and user interfaces, enhanced analytics and dashboards, and simplified setup and configuration) to increase end-user satisfaction, streamline processes, and reduce costs
  • Support for service request management to increase IT service quality
SAP Solution Manager enables change control management for SAP HANA

Figure 1 — SAP Solution Manager enables change control management for SAP HANA


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Implement Better: Creating a Roadmap That Makes Sense

To accelerate the implementation of SAP Business Suite software, SAP Solution Manager provides key capabilities. For example, with its project administration and business blueprinting capabilities, SAP Solution Manager can help you centrally manage project pillars by allowing you to answer the question: Who does what, when, and how? Additionally, SAP Solution Manager provides each team member with specific work packages to increase team efficiency and enable highly adaptable status queries to allow for flexible management reporting. SAP Solution Manager also provides a single point of access to the complete software landscape, enabling centralized storage of testing material and test results to support cross-component tests and speed up test preparation and execution.

Key SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP05 Enhancements to Help You Implement Better
  • A new scenario flow modeler based on Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) standards to allow users to connect end-to-end business processes (see Figure 2)
  • The ability to visualize scenarios modeled via the business process blueprinting capability inside SAP Solution Manager
  • Business process change analyzer (BPCA) enhancements to allow users to influence the procedure for test scope optimization
  • A new HTML-based application to manage automated tests within SAP Solution Manager
The new modeling capability lets users enhance the blueprinting process

Figure 2 — The new modeling capability lets users enhance the blueprinting process


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Operate Better: Ensuring Smooth-Running Applications

To optimally operate applications, companies require central monitoring, alerting, analysis, and administration capabilities. By taking advantage of the predefined content and centralized management tools within SAP Solution Manager, as well as its integrated, out-of-the-box analytics capabilities that customers can adapt to fit their needs, companies can arm themselves with the tools that will ensure smooth application operations.

In addition, with the new system monitoring capabilities available within SAP Solution Manager 7.1, users can employ centralized, proactive, real-time monitoring of software, business processes, and interfaces. This can aid in reducing administration efforts, help avoid critical situations, and enable fast issue response with automatic notifications.

The technical administration work center within SAP Solution Manager 7.1 includes tools and capabilities to support the technical management and IT operations teams so they can efficiently plan, implement, execute, and report on day-to-day operational activities. And because it is especially important in heterogeneous landscapes to isolate a problem-causing component as quickly as possible, the end-to-end root-cause analysis capabilities in SAP Solution Manager offer the ability to perform cross-system and technology root-cause analysis.

Key SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP05 Enhancements to Help You Operate Better
  • Complete SAP HANA integration with system monitoring and alerting infrastructure (see Figure 3)
  • Extended support for the Sybase mobile platform
  • Advanced, powerful, and flexible business process monitoring to enable users to identify optimization potential so that IT can optimize their operations and provide value for the business
  • New business process reporting analysis types (such as age and trend) to allow users to analyze results by various KPIs (such as date, solution, system, and more than 500 other out-of-the-box key business figures)
  • Detailed business process reporting analysis and graphical displays to allow users to answer questions such as “How many credit memos were issued to which customers, for what reasons, and at what costs?”
Monitoring SAP HANA through the system monitoring infrastructure in SAP Solution Manager

Figure 3 — Monitoring SAP HANA through the system monitoring infrastructure in SAP Solution Manager


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Innovate Better: Accelerating the Adoption of New Functionality

In a time when IT budgets are shrinking, even in the face of increased demand for IT services, SAP Enterprise Support can help reduce the percentage of IT time and budget spent “keeping the lights on.” With resources freed up, IT can focus on innovating and finding new ways to solve business problems. Management dashboards in SAP Solution Manager provide IT executives with access to KPIs on a highly aggregated, yet meaningful level. The transparency of these dashboard functions allow users to quickly detect optimization potential and communicate achieved improvements to stakeholders and sponsors.

Our goal at SAP is to help you continuously innovate by making it as easy as possible for you to consume newly released features and functionality. Thus, throughout your entire engagement with SAP Enterprise Support, you can collaborate with us at the level that’s right for you. When all is said and done, SAP Enterprise Support is designed to meet your needs so that you can realize the benefits of your investment as soon as possible.

Key SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP05 Enhancements to Help You Innovate Better
  • New predefined custom code and business-focused management dashboard applications that allow you to identify unused custom code for removal or optimization
  • Advanced and new custom code data extraction features that support a custom code lifecycle management strategy, enabling you to reduce TCO related to test efforts during change events such as upgrades

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Take a Fresh Look at SAP Solution Manager

SAP Solution Manager supports your entire IT environment with the processes, tools, services, and an organization model to manage SAP and non-SAP solutions throughout the application life cycle. And with SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP05, you can gain access to even more functionality to decrease the complexity of your IT landscape, reduce operational costs, and ease the introduction of business innovation.

As of this writing, more than 4,000 SAP customers have implemented SAP Solution Manager 7.1. The time is right to take full advantage of SAP Solution Manager 7.1 and all of its new enhancements.

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John Krakowski ( is an SAP senior product manager for SAP Solution Manager with the Solution Management for Application Lifecycle Management team. He has been an employee of SAP for 14 years and has been actively involved with SAP Solution Manager since 2001.

Evan Stoddard

Evan Stoddard ( has been with SAP since 1996, and has been involved as a senior product manager in the Solution Management team for SAP Solution Manager since 2001. He currently covers Application Lifecycle Management topics as well as the role of liaison to the ASUG SAP Solution Manager Influence Council.

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