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Laying the Foundation for Innovation

by Andreas Giraud | SAPinsider

April 1, 2013

Informational events are a key part of DSAG’s efforts to help its members learn about SAP technology and how they can best take advantage of it. For instance, in February, the group held DSAG Technology Days, an annual meeting where DSAG members can find information about their technology-related interests and concerns. Read this article to learn more about this event and what it covered.

Over the last few years, SAP has come out with a number of new innovations around mobility, in-memory, and the cloud. At this point, companies aren’t asking themselves whether or not they should take advantage of these innovations, but rather if they are ready and able to do so.

Fortunately, the technology department within the German-Speaking SAP User Group (DSAG) can help members answer this question. This department, which consists of approximately 13,500 registered members across 14 special interest groups and working groups, is responsible for keeping up with SAP technological advances and informing DSAG members.

Getting Ready for Innovation

One of the ways the technology department supports DSAG members is by hosting informational events. For instance, in February, the DSAG technology department held the DSAG Technology Days, an annual meeting where DSAG members can find information about their technology-related interests and concerns. With 1,850 participants, the event was booked up for the first time in its history.

The Technology Days are held with two goals in mind. The first is to help customers gain a “reality check” that gives them a better understanding of upcoming SAP solutions and allows them to learn from the experiences of other customers. DSAG members are able to discover the capabilities and limitations of certain solutions from other customers’ projects and speak directly to special interest group and working group representatives from DSAG.

The second goal is to define requirements from the customer perspective and pass them along to SAP. It’s through such engagements that DSAG was able to collaborate with SAP and influence the innovation and pricing model of SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA.

This year’s event also focused on how a company can prepare its systems and operations to take advantage of new technology. This reflects the fact that, while customers are willing to embrace SAP innovations, they also want to fully understand exactly what kinds of efforts, preparation, and changes they might need to undergo before they implement new solutions.

Hot Technology Topics

One key focus at the event was the question of how to seamlessly integrate SAP innovations into existing system landscapes. For this reason, SAP NetWeaver was a hot topic because of its role as a technology and integration platform. DSAG members also wanted to understand what role application servers, data management, and existing solutions will play in the near future, asking questions like “Where do I need to invest?” and “How can I manage my solutions more affordably?” 

Another hot topic was SAP HANA. In the last two years, SAP HANA has proved to be powerful, extensible, and scalable. The key takeaway about SAP HANA used to be that it eliminated the barrier to the amount of data available. Now the takeaway should be that there is no barrier to the business value a company can gain.

Learn More

DSAG’s technology department has always worked to help members learn more about the latest SAP technology and how to take advantage of it. And with a wealth of new innovations available from SAP, the value of this department will only grow. To learn more, visit


Andreas Giraud
Senior Manager of IT Strategy, Energie Baden-Württemberg AG group;
DSAG Board Member
Technology Department

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