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EPM Analytics Available at Your Fingertips

by Karuna Mukherjea | SAPinsider

July 1, 2013

Organizations today are trying to decide whether they have the tools necessary to support real-time decision making, increase productivity, and leverage collaboration within their financial departments. To support these teams, SAP has leveraged its investments in mobile technology and its expertise in the areas of enterprise performance management (EPM) and business analytics to set the stage for mobile EPM, which enables intuitive mobile access, real-time response, accelerated processes, and seamless access across BI and EPM.

When it comes to technology, finance executives constantly struggle to answer three questions:

  1. Do I have the tools and technology to support real-time decision making?
  2. How can technology help me increase the productivity of my finance organization?
  3. Can I leverage technology to collaborate and distribute information in a simplified user interface (UI) to the business?

Mobile technology is undoubtedly the key to being able to answer all three questions. With the ability to make access to and input of information easier and quicker to enable collaborative decision making, mobile technology has the potential to transform organizations significantly (see sidebar).

SAP’s Enterprise Performance Management Enablement Strategy

To support financial departments, SAP has leveraged its investments in mobile technology and its expertise in the areas of enterprise performance management (EPM) and business analytics to set the stage for mobile EPM, which enables:

  • Intuitive mobile access: SAP’s mobile EPM solutions provide mobile access — through intuitive, user-friendly interfaces — to key EPM information to allow for self service and accurate ad hoc analysis
  • Real-time response: With easy access to business metrics, users and executives can view key metrics and respond to them in real time
  • Acceleration of key processes: Mobility increases forecast accuracy and streamlines the planning process for the business
  • Seamless access across BI and EPM: Integration with SAP mobile business intelligence (BI) solutions provides the end user with seamless access to all BI and EPM data through a single interface

SAP mobile EPM solutions are designed to provide a comprehensive mobile user experience for EPM business users. Here we’ll explore some examples of the specific applications and tools that SAP offers.

SAP Strategy Management Mobile App

The SAP Strategy Management mobile app is available for existing SAP Strategy Management users, allowing them to easily adopt a mobile flavor to their strategy management. This app enables organizations to:

  • Implement a strategy across the company that is aligned and cascaded to all levels
  • Manage goals, initiatives, and metrics to drive organizational performance
  • Initiate corrective action and collaboration, as well as respond to alerts and risks

SAP Citizen Insight

SAP Citizen Insight, a mobile app built on SAP Strategy Management, provides direct visibility into the performance of public service organizations. The app allows citizens to see the goals, key measures, and improvement programs of their local government, utility company, or public transportation department. This app provides access to information that helps citizens see and better understand how their tax dollars are being invested. With this solution, users can:

  • View performance results at a glance via a scorecard “tile” view
  • Obtain details on organizational goals, key projects, and performance indicators
  • Get textual explanations and key messages about performance results
  • Learn more about the organization via embedded links to supplemental information

SAP Enterprise Insight

The SAP Enterprise Insight app, built on SAP Strategy Management, is similar in many ways to SAP Citizen Insight. It allows organizations to publish their performance goals and results, making them available to their employees, senior management, board of directors, and other key constituents, thus enabling complete transparency and alignment across the organization. The solution:

  • Provides an easy view of performance results
  • Enables users to create and publish dashboard views of organizational goals, initiatives, and critical KPIs
  • Delivers additional information to explain performance goal progress and results

    SAP EPM Unwired

    SAP EPM Unwired is a mobile interface that is built on SAP Strategy Management 10.0, and acts as an entry point into back-end SAP EPM applications such as SAP Business Planning and Consolidation 10.0 and SAP Enterprise Insight. This tool:

    • Supports broader adoption and increased engagement of EPM solutions for finance users
    • Enables business users to seamlessly combine BI and EPM data so they can more easily analyze this information from a unified interface
    • Allows users to review planning and budget information and initiate analysis and corrective action directly from their mobile device

    SAP Business Planning and Consolidation, Starter Kit for Mobile Financial Results Insight

    SAP Business Planning and Consolidation, starter kit for mobile Financial Results Insight is built on SAP Business Planning and Consolidation and leverages its BI capabilities to provide visibility into financial indicators for CFOs and financial professionals during the critical days before financial statements are made publicly available. It is an essential piece of the processes around this “last mile of finance.” The kit allows users to:

    • Leverage data from SAP EPM’s financial consolidation software
    • Constantly monitor KPIs to ensure they conform to forecasts (and to react to them if they don’t)
    • Prepare external communications to easily inform the board of any critical issues and risks


    SAP provides a range of mobile solutions designed especially to monitor and manage enterprise performance. These solutions enhance the user experience of SAP EPM users, keep stakeholders across the business informed, and make it even easier for all users to track and respond to important KPIs. To learn more about these EPM solutions, visit


    Karuna Mukherjea ( is a Senior Director of Product Marketing on the EPM team. She is experienced with finance and EPM applications and focuses on new technologies, like cloud and mobility, and how they relate to EPM applications.

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