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One Goal, One Integrated Solution: 3 Critical Ways SAP Business Suite and SAP Sybase ASE Help You Better Serve Your Customers and Their Clients

by Terry Orsborn | SAPinsider

July 1, 2013

For organizations that are expanding globally, it is critical to support around-the-clock operations and deliver superior support to customers. Leading edge businesses ask how they can help their customers better serve their internal clients. Read this article to learn the three ways that the harmonious combination of SAP Business Suite and SAP Sybase ASE can enable companies to improve their own operations and, in turn, offer better products and services to their customer base in three critical ways.

While every enterprise is unique, most large organizations face similar obstacles, especially when expanding operations worldwide. Expansion equates to more customers and revenue, but the resulting global business activities and client demand for 24x7 assistance mean supporting round-the-clock operations more effectively than a growing pool of global rivals.

In this global environment, smart executives appeal to their teams to come up with ways to deliver superior service to customers, but the wisest leaders ask, “How can we help our customers better serve their own clients?” Your customers are likely trying to overcome the same challenges you are, and any steps you can take to help them be more efficient and effective should translate into better results not only for them, but for your organization as well. Supplying strategic advantages to your customers also increases the likelihood that you’ll stand out from your competition.

Many organizations depend on software such as SAP Business Suite and SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (SAP Sybase ASE) to drive all aspects of daily operations. Forward-thinking businesses also treat these enterprise software assets as strategic resources that can deliver competitive rewards both internally and for their customers.

Enhance Service to Your Customers and Their Clientele

All-inclusive, far-reaching enterprise software solutions like SAP Business Suite can play a major role in optimizing your business operations. When your business operates better, your customers can get their own products to market faster, at higher quality, and at a lower cost. In this way, your organization passes on efficiencies all the way to your customers’ clients, making you a more desirable business partner.

The effectiveness of these types of business applications relies on critical infrastructure, such as the underlying database technology. This is where the harmonious combination of SAP Business Suite and SAP Sybase ASE is key — it can enable companies to improve their own operations and, in turn, offer better products and services to their clientele in three critical ways.

1. Improve Customer Satisfaction with Faster Database and Application Performance

SAP Sybase ASE has long been known as a high-performance database platform. And as part of the comprehensive integration of the SAP and Sybase product lines, SAP has extensive engineering resources focused on optimizing and fine-tuning the performance of SAP Business Suite running on SAP Sybase ASE, ensuring that it works as efficiently as possible.

Rashi Peripherals Private Limited, a leading value-added IT distributor with offices and service centers in dozens of cities, needed a way to speed distribution of its goods and services to over 8,000 channel partners. The company’s existing infrastructure, consisting of SAP Business Suite running on a database platform from another vendor, wasn’t able to keep up, from both a performance and an administrative perspective. After Rashi moved to SAP Sybase ASE, the new solution has provided significant benefits and allowed the company to focus more time on accelerating the delivery of its products and services to customers, and less time on managing its database. With SAP Sybase ASE and SAP Business Suite, Rashi is meeting its goal to provide exceptional customer service.

“Speed is very important to our resellers and their customers. The faster we can complete product fulfillment and service requests, the more competitive we are,” says Yogesh Dhandharia, Director of IT and Business Manager at Rashi Peripherals. “When we replaced our old database, SAP Sybase ASE gave us the same performance in two months that took us six years to achieve with the previous system.”

2. Decrease TCO to Free Up More Resources to Serve Customers

While some database providers require a significant investment in licenses and a heavy administrative burden, SAP Sybase ASE provides a less costly initial software license, as well as ongoing support, thus lowering TCO. SAP also continually improves the administrative experience of the integrated SAP Business Suite and SAP Sybase ASE solution. The cost-saving advantages include streamlined, rationalized procedures for installation and upgrades, and consistent tooling that gives administrators a single view of all software components, including the database.

Redington Gulf, the largest end-to-end supply chain provider for IT distribution and support services across the Middle East, Africa, and Turkey, wanted to provide better service to its customers. One of the company’s primary objectives was to reduce the amount of time and money spent on internal systems maintenance and reassign those resources to focus on innovation that establishes competitive differentiation and benefits its clients.

The dramatically lower TCO of the combined offering of SAP Business Suite and SAP Sybase ASE has given Redington Gulf the freedom to shift resources away from maintenance chores. The company is able to perform critical tasks, such as month-end close, much more quickly and with less storage and fewer personnel — almost 50% less by some estimates. This lets the business devote more time and attention to innovation that aids its clients, including designing a customer-facing business-to-business e-commerce portal.

Even though the new solution is processing more work than ever, administration has become even simpler. Sunil D’Souza, General Manager of IT for Redington Gulf, observes, “My SAP administrator has a beautiful DBA cockpit that lets him drive all his activities. He doesn’t really need to understand how SAP Sybase ASE works or how it’s integrated with SAP Business Suite. He just does everything from within the DBA cockpit.”

3. Solidify Your Infrastructure by Using a Single Software Provider

Cobbling together a site-specific blend of application and infrastructure software can be a time-consuming and error-prone process. In contrast, deploying a cohesive, validated solution from SAP offers a number of benefits, including:

  • One engineering organization: SAP has synchronized the product delivery cycles for SAP Business Suite and SAP Sybase ASE, which yields significant advantages for the customer. Everything is coordinated, which leads to easier and more consistent installation, deployment, and upgrades.
  • One support organization: Downtime for fundamental enterprise software isn’t acceptable. Having one vendor support organization helps eliminate the finger pointing among suppliers that plagues so many IT teams charged with keeping these applications up and running.

OXYA provides technical services and hosting solutions for nearly 180,000 SAP users worldwide with a goal to increase the efficiency and flexibility of its clients’ SAP infrastructure. According to Frédéric de Belloy, CEO of OXYA, “We have migrated many customers from other databases to SAP Sybase ASE. One compelling factor is apparent: Together, SAP Business Suite and SAP Sybase ASE provide an integrated solution that will help simplify implementation and ensure smooth upgrades for our client. From a technical standpoint, one of the most important aspects when considering a new database should be maintainability. SAP Sybase ASE is a solid solution that is easily maintained for our customers.”


To stay ahead, consider the value you bring to your customers’ clientele. Preconfigured, well-integrated enterprise software keeps your operations running smoothly, enabling you to focus on your core competencies and better serve your customers and their clients. Learn more at

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Terry Orsborn ( is a Director at SAP, where she manages product marketing for SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (SAP Sybase ASE). She develops the marketing strategy and directs programs to drive awareness and demand in the marketplace, including go-to-market strategy, field enablement, marketing campaigns, and demand-generation programs.

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