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Supercharge Your SAP HANA Platform

by Wendy Maldonado | SAPinsider

July 1, 2013

SAP HANA has dramatically changed the way businesses approach the massive amount of data available in today’s environment. However, if you want your organization to benefit from the platform’s full potential, you need to have the right IT management capabilities in place. Read this article to learn how SAP’s IT management approach, supported by key SAP solution extensions, can help your company reap the full benefits of SAP HANA and dramatically improve business performance.

SAP HANA is doubtlessly a game changer. It can help you streamline core business applications, analyze massive amounts of data, and use predictive analysis to plan for the future more efficiently — all in real time on a single platform. It is flexible, multipurpose, and data-source agnostic, and enables real-time computing by bringing together online transaction processing (OLTP) applications and online analytical processing (OLAP) applications in one package.

However, while SAP HANA is powerful as a standalone platform, if you want your organization to benefit from its full potential, you’ll need to have the right IT management capabilities in place. IT management is a framework aimed at making sure that processes run as smoothly as possible, with the goal of helping you achieve the greatest benefits from your IT investments with a minimum of risk.

Let’s explore some of the many ways that an IT management approach, supported with key SAP solution extensions (see sidebar), can help your company reap the full benefits of SAP HANA.

Make Sure Your Business Processes and Applications Are SAP HANA-Ready

Whether you do it before you implement SAP HANA or after you already have the platform in place, by working to streamline your business processes and tune your applications, you can speed them up significantly — an effect which will only multiply when you run these processes and applications with SAP HANA.

Inefficiencies exist in just about every business process. Of course, identifying these inefficiencies and then working to resolve them can be a difficult and time-consuming task if you’re not equipped with the right tools. With capabilities such as real-time monitoring, IT management solution extensions enable IT to diagnose slowdowns and identify exactly where to route the issues so that resolutions can be reached as quickly as possible.

Another way to improve your business processes is to automate them. IT management solution extensions assist IT departments in developing best practices for managing each process, no matter how complicated the application landscape may be. This also means that your IT department will have more time to focus on innovation and other high-priority activities.

These efforts enable you to start your applications running on SAP HANA with processes that are already automated, monitored, and validated for performance. For instance, IT management solutions allow IT departments to fine-tune slow applications and processes, orchestrate data collection and processing, automatically clear errors, and test the entire end-to-end landscape to ensure service-level agreements (SLAs) are met. IT management solutions halt SLA breaches and alert operations when challenges slow down business processes.

When errors occur, the process automation solutions mentioned earlier swing into action to resolve issues before the errors cause any trouble. These kinds of solutions can automatically detect, resolve, and restart failed processes. That way, when you begin migrating your applications over to SAP HANA, they’ll be fully optimized and running at full capacity.

Another benefit of this kind of business process improvement and application tuning is the effect it can have on data. This is key because, when data stops flowing, SAP HANA won’t be able to serve the business. Since IT management solutions from SAP support seamless continuity and integration throughout business processes, they help ensure that data is flowing from all source systems.

With IT management tools, you can also reduce the time it takes to upgrade your applications through service packs and updates. IT management solutions provide deep diagnostics and robust load-testing capabilities to ensure that the testing and deployment of these updates is smooth and efficient.

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When you leverage the full range of IT management solutions from SAP, you can dramatically improve business performance, reducing total cost of ownership, improving time to value, and ensuring superior business continuity across all processes. All of these benefits add up to allow you to harness the full power of SAP HANA, freeing you to focus on strategic innovation across your enterprise.

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Wendy Maldonado ( is a Marketing Director at SAP, responsible for managing global awareness of world-class SAP solution extension products for SAP’s IT management approach.

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