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How Government Agencies Can Drive Efficiency with Business Intelligence Solutions

by Patrick Gallagher

October 1, 2013

Government agencies face unique challenges when it comes to data collection and analysis. Here Patrick Gallagher of Carahsoft Technology Corp. lays out the benefits of expanded data capabilities for government agencies and reviews the solutions available to transform their operations.



Government agencies, just like their private sector counterparts, recognize that data analysis is the key to operational success. From enabling a more citizen-centric organization to turning data into actionable intelligence, effective analysis allows agencies to make smarter, more informed decisions, resulting in an increase in overall productivity and the delivery of better services.

However, for many public service organizations, it can be challenging to retrieve and interpret stored data for analysis and reporting purposes. Moreover, with legacy information systems that are incapable of communicating with each other, it becomes difficult, if not impossible, to share data across the organization. As a result, individual departments spend too much time producing reports for their own needs and struggle to tie this information to their agency’s overall mission.

The Benefits of Expanded Data Analysis Capabilities

To help overcome these challenges, Carahsoft and our ecosystem of SAP partners work with agencies across the public sector to improve their data analysis capabilities through the implementation of SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) solutions.

By enabling government agencies to better track, manage, and understand their data, as well as make better informed decisions, these solutions are giving agencies the ability to:

  • Integrate mission effectiveness and financial performance through enterprise performance management
  • Reduce and control operational costs through improved sourcing, supply chain, and logistics management
  • Implement eGovernment initiatives to effectively deliver services over the internet
  • Identify and segment constituents to enable optimal service delivery
  • Align human capital with agency and mission-critical requirements
Solutions That Transform Operations

Together, SAP, Carahsoft, and our highly skilled partners offer federal, state, and local government agencies solutions to transform operations and better deliver on their overall mission. These low-risk, proven solutions are built on a secure enterprise services architecture and encompass:

  • Enterprise reporting and information management: These solutions help better leverage both structured and unstructured data, ensure data accuracy, and make critical information available to decision makers.
  • BI standardization: By standardizing on one comprehensive set of BI tools, agencies can easily access relevant information and act quickly and confidently while keeping costs low.
  • Database and technology: A flexible platform provides a foundation for the rapid adoption of new technologies and applications.
  • Mobility: With mobile solutions, users can make more informed decisions at any time and place, and can access real-time information to provide more responsive customer service.
  • Predictive analytics: These offerings empower users to anticipate change and proactively balance risks and opportunities.
  • Real-time reporting: These capabilities provide an agency with an up-to-date view and the ability to drill down into critical information.
Learn More

As an SAP Master Government Value-Added Reseller, Carahsoft has built a dedicated team of certified SAP account executives who understand the unique goals and challenges of public sector organizations. For more information or to schedule a free consultation, visit or contact us at



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Pat Gallagher
Patrick Gallagher

Vice President of SAP and Business Applications Solutions
Carahsoft Technology Corp.

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Sarah White, SAP North America Education Portfolio Manager, gave us this advice for BI certification
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How do you get started with SAP BI certification? How do we become certified SAP account executive.