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What Many SAP HANA Projects Are Missing

How to Include SAP HANA in Your Overall Data Center Landscape

by Andrea Voigt

October 1, 2013

In this article, Fujitsu’s Andrea Voigt examines the missing link in many SAP HANA projects – integration with overall data center processes and management tools. Voigt offers a solution that supports consistent, uniform management of all SAP software landscapes, including SAP HANA.



Since its release, SAP HANA has proven to be a valuable business intelligence (BI) tool, helping companies glean useful business information from their growing amounts of data. Working with early customers on SAP HANA engagements, pioneering SAP partner Fujitsu continued to enhance the SAP HANA infrastructure and service offering based on the experience of numerous successful projects. In doing so, we came across a key, surprising fact.

No matter how thorough the preparation, how careful the implementation, or how beneficial the results, Fujitsu noticed in many projects that SAP HANA was not integrated into the overall data center processes and management tools. In fact, SAP HANA often resided independently in data centers.

Create the Link to Data Center Processes

This observation triggered Fujitsu’s SAP experts to think about how to smartly integrate SAP HANA into one central SAP infrastructure management tool. We found the answer in our FlexFrame for SAP solution, which resulted from a mutual development project with NetApp and SAP. FlexFrame has been proven to run SAP applications easier, faster, better, and at lower costs.

Leveraging our partnership with NetApp, Fujitsu took it a step further and developed FlexFrame Orchestrator. This solution builds on years of experience and supports consistent, uniform management of all SAP software landscapes, including SAP HANA. FlexFrame Orchestrator creates a link between SAP applications and SAP HANA on the infrastructure level, thus integrating SAP HANA into the overall data center landscape and processes.

Fujitsu’s SAP HANA Offerings at a Glance

In addition to the FlexFrame Orchestrator, Fujitsu provides more offerings to help you get the most out of your SAP HANA investment:

  • Fujitsu Power Appliance for SAP HANA, based on Fujitsu PRIMERGY server technology and NetApp FAS storage systems, for pre-tested, SAP-validated configurations
  • Comprehensive SAP HANA service portfolio for:
    • Smart discovery (for example, BI consulting, demos, and proofs of concept)
    • Solid preparation (for example, database assessment and optimization)
    • Smooth implementation (for example, SAP HANA deployment)
    • Secure operations (for example, SolutionContract and application management services)
  • Hosted SAP HANA

To learn more about the Fujitsu infrastructure and service portfolio for SAP HANA, visit

FlexFrame Orchestrator can be delivered as a pre-installed and pre-tested solution along with FlexFrame software, Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers and network  infrastructure, and NetApp FAS storage systems. It is optionally available as a software appliance, prepared to run with certified third-party data center technology. In addition, the solution can be used for every kind of provisioning model, regardless of whether applications are run in the customer’s own data center, delivered as a managed service or hosted service from an external provider, or deployed from the cloud. With FlexFrame Orchestrator, SAP HANA customers can benefit from capabilities such as:

  • Automated resources and services management
  • Provisioning of applications and services quickly
  • Fast response to new business requirements
  • Integrated, automated high availability 
  • Disaster resilience without special cluster technology
  • 50% or more TCO reduction
Learn More

Fujitsu’s FlexFrame Orchestrator enables SAP customers and service providers to build and operate real-time data centers for modern, efficient provisioning of SAP applications and SAP HANA, strengthening their BI capabilities. It optimizes operational efforts and allows companies to quickly adapt to changing business needs. To learn more, visit

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Andrea Voigt
Andrea Voigt

Senior Product Marketing Manager
Global Marketing Services and Solutions

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