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How Metrics Can Save Your Corporate Strategy

Build a Better BI Framework with HP Services for SAP HANA

by Amit Chakravarti

October 1, 2013

To truly leverage SAP HANA’s power to analyze important metrics, you need a well-designed BI framework. In this article, HP’s Amit Chakravarti provides an overview of what the framework should entail and how your organization can develop it today.



A clear corporate strategy provides a unified focus across the company on achieving goals efficiently, enables better decision making, and helps the company save money with effective budgeting. However, even the clearest plan is only as successful as its execution. Unless there is a way to continuously review, align, manage, and measure the company’s progress in executing its plan, disconnects will take hold.

To measure how well the execution of your corporate strategy is aligning to your business plan, you need a business intelligence (BI) framework that can support a common set of metrics, scorecards, KPIs, and dashboards for measurement.

Measuring Your Corporate Strategy

A BI framework of comprehensive analytics should be holistic to capture the cause-and-effect relationships between business functions, be able to effectively leverage the data available in business systems, and be flexible to allow for various combinations of standard and custom metrics, such as line-of-business and governance metrics, performance management KPIs, organizational dashboards, and value management scorecards.

A BI framework
that is built on
solid information management principles and leverages the power of an in-memory platform can do more than just analyze data — it can make the business outcomes you
seek come to life.

To support line-of-business and governance metrics, your framework should have transactional reporting capabilities. SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (SAP NetWeaver BW) powered by SAP HANA is ideal for transactional reporting in landscapes where most of the transactional systems are, or will be, based on SAP solutions. For measuring performance management KPIs, you need analytics that integrate both internal and external data sources. An in-memory platform such as SAP HANA provides a strong foundation for handling this analysis because of its ability to report on large volumes of data with faster response times.

Effective organizational dashboards require a unified overall BI/reporting user interface (UI) with state-of-the-art capabilities for aligning strategy with execution. A standardized reporting interface enables a common information model, a standard UI, and a security model. SAP HANA is well suited to supporting a global, centralized BI strategy for enterprise and transactional reporting.

Using value management scorecards requires strong self-service analysis capabilities that are ideal for both standard reports and advanced dashboard capabilities. SAP HANA helps significantly reduce data refresh processing time and build advanced dashboard capabilities that are the cornerstones of success for information availability, agility, and quality.

How do you corral all of these functionalities into a BI framework to help you reach your business goals?

Building a BI Framework

To help SAP customers strategize for and implement a BI framework that will meet their needs, HP provides strategic services worldwide through our Centers of Excellence for SAP HANA. These centers provide:

  • Services to support SAP NetWeaver BW platform upgrades and migration to SAP HANA
  • Rapid-deployment solutions for BI solutions powered by SAP HANA
  • A collaborative BI workshop that helps SAP customers shift their analytics paradigms toward the adoption of in-memory platforms
  • A one-stop resource for integrating SAP HANA into the enterprise landscape
  • The only third-party solution architecture certified by SAP as disaster tolerant for SAP HANA in the
  • IT landscape through HP’s Fast Start Services
  • Access to the HP As-a-Service Solution for
  • SAP HANA via a monthly subscription model
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For more information on how HP’s services for SAP HANA can help you implement a BI framework to reach your goals, visit

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