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Transform Your Business in Real Time

Solve Your Big Data Challenges with SAP HANA

by Vijay Reddy Gondesi

October 1, 2013

The key to moving to predictive analytics for many organizations is in-memory computing. In this article NTT DATA illustrates how SAP HANA can be the bridge that takes your organization from big data to real-time predictive analytics.



Enterprises are sitting on valuable data, but unfortunately, many are not taking full advantage of it. According to IDC’s 2011 Digital Universe study, the amount of information managed by enterprise data centers will grow by 50 times this decade.1 This data deluge presents an opportunity for savvy IT executives to identify new revenue streams, discover ways to increase customer loyalty, determine unique approaches to pump up productivity, and provide insights into cost reduction.

As business models continuously
evolve, there is a need for a system that can perform calculations at the speed of thought.

To reap all of the benefits of big data, organizations need to transition from business intelligence, which draws on limited data sets and discerns what just happened, to predictive analytics, which taps seemingly unlimited data streams and can reveal what is likely to happen. IT executives who take the lead in working with the business will be rewarded with unmatched visibility into game-changing business trends and prospects.

As business models continuously evolve, it has become clear that traditional disk-based data warehousing environments are no longer enough to meet the demands of users who want to analyze and act upon complex business problems at an exponentially faster pace. Instead, there is a need for a system that can perform calculations at the speed of thought.

Transform Your Vision

Companies are leveraging SAP’s in-memory platform, SAP HANA, to take advantage of their vast amounts of data and enhance their most complex business processes. With SAP HANA, organizations can:

  • Accelerate business processes to boost performance
  • Create cutting-edge applications to remain competitive
  • Migrate legacy applications to avoid costly maintenance
  • Leverage predictive analytics and optimization to become more proactive
  • Improve IT efficiency to better manage growing data volume

As companies modify their systems and introduce the latest technologies, they look to SAP HANA to help them upgrade their environment with zero or very minimal impact. We at NTT DATA can demonstrate to our customers how SAP HANA can transform their landscape without disrupting the business.

Strive for Excellence

NTT DATA, an SAP gold partner and one of six finalists in the SAP HANA InnoJam contest, has been delivering quality SAP HANA solutions for its customers for the last three years. For example, our SAP-certified rapid-deployment packages for operational reporting and SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse can help customers achieve real-time reporting quickly by reducing the overall time and effort of an SAP HANA implementation. By leveraging our accelerated framework and methodology, customers can get a jump start toward the real-time insights and benefits that SAP HANA offers.

In addition, NTT DATA’s SAP HANA Center of Excellence (COE) provides customers with strategies to support their own SAP HANA deployments. Customers can access prototyping capabilities to test their deployment decisions, and with our team, turn requirements into actionable solutions. The COE helps companies develop point-based solutions and accelerate SAP HANA adoption to immediately take advantage of big data. With SAP HANA, we have helped a consumer goods customer enhance its sales and profitability analysis, and we assisted a wireless service provider to improve its marketing campaign effectiveness. NTT DATA has also released nREAP and BizXaaS, big data solutions for bank and government financial institutions that help perform large-scale, near-real-time data processing of structured and unstructured data to identify multiple patterns needed for decision making.

Our SAP-certified offerings can help customers transform their business intelligence environments and take full advantage of SAP HANA to overcome big data challenges. To learn more, visit


1 IDC, “2011 Digital Universe Study: Extracting Value from Chaos” (June 2011).

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Vijay Gondesi
Vijay Reddy Gondesi

Vice President and
Head of SAP HANA
Center of Excellence

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