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Gleaning Insight Straight from the Source

ASUG Discovers Its Members’ Top Issues Through Research Projects

by Thomas Wailgum | Issue 4, Volume 14

October 1, 2013

Keeping up with the current needs of SAP customers is vital for any company in the SAP ecosystem. From SAP HANA to cloud to mobility, organizations are faced with a variety of new technological challenges and are at different stages of evaluation or execution on each of them. In this article, you’ll learn about ASUG’s research methodologies and what they have revealed about SAP customers in 2013.


While SAP customers must evaluate innovative technologies such as SAP HANA and cloud computing to stay competitive, they can’t lose sight of what keeps them running day to day. Core issues like support, licensing, integration, and upgrades are still relevant to SAP customers. To pinpoint which issues are topping our members’ agendas right now and to develop information and educational offerings to help members address those issues, the Americas’ SAP Users’ Group (ASUG) is using two research methods: short, specific surveys that target a topic relevant to a particular ASUG community, and longer, more intensive research projects that delve into topics relevant to all ASUG members. (See the sidebar for more information about ASUG Research Services.)

Going Straight to the Source

Going Straight to the Source

When we launched ASUGNews more than two years ago, one of our primary missions was to ensure that our members receive the information they need to advance their SAP journey and that SAP continues to hear and respond to member concerns.

In that light, earlier this year, we launched ASUG Research Services. Our initial and overarching goal is to dig into ASUG members’ most critical SAP-related issues — to learn what, exactly, is at the top of ASUG members’ corporate and IT agendas today. 

We develop our survey topics through a combination of anecdotal feedback from members on critical topics, our team’s objective assessment on relevant business and technology trends, and input from our counterparts at SAP.

We’re trying to make it easy for ASUG members to participate in our research, and we have been pleasantly surprised by the volume of responses to our first two surveys. ASUG members receive our full reports, and non-members can download executive summaries via

What We’ve Learned: Survey Summary

Our short “ASUG Pulse Check” survey in March 2013 found that ASUG members are satisfied overall with SAP Support services, but they are concerned about possible price increases in the future.

Our second research survey was broader in scope. We rolled out the SAP Cloud Integration survey in June 2013 and consolidated the results into a research report that analyzes our findings. For example, more than 80% of respondents were concerned about integrating cloud software with their current on-premise applications, and nearly two-thirds said that non-IT executives were a barrier to cloud integration projects due to their lack of understanding of the requirements and risks.

Better Information, Better Advocacy

At ASUG, this renewed focus on research will help us with our primary goal — to better serve and advocate for our members. For more information, visit

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Thomas Wailgum
Thomas Wailgum

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