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Fiction Meets Real-World Advice

Early Adopters Share Their Experiences at the DSAG Annual Congress

by Dr. Marco Lenck | SAPinsider, Volume 14, Issue 4

October 1, 2013

At the its 2013 Annual Congress, DSAG hosted SAP customers, partners, and representatives to share expertise and explore today’s hottest topics. Find out what DSAG learned about its members’ current interest in — and adoption of — SAP technologies such as SAP HANA, as well as mobile and cloud solutions from different vendors.


SAP HANA and other new innovations from SAP are spurring excitement across the globe. While many organizations are yearning to take the leap and implement new technology, it is necessary to pause and assess whether their current landscapes are prepared for this level of innovation. To help, the German-Speaking SAP User Group (DSAG) Annual Congress provides a central meeting place to discuss these issues. SAPinsider recently spoke with Dr. Marco Lenck, DSAG’s Chairman of the Board, to learn more about this year’s event.

Q: Can you explain the event’s motto, “Evolving Processes — Fact or Fiction,” and why it is so important right now?

A: The motto represents the business changes that companies are going through today. With innovations like cloud computing and SAP HANA, it is important for a company’s infrastructure to evolve and keep pace. DSAG’s mission is to ensure that our members fully understand what can realistically be achieved with the products in the business world.

Events like the 2013 DSAG Annual Congress, held in Nuremberg, Germany, this past September, help in our mission by bringing together SAP early adopters, SAP representatives, and innovation experts. Through informative sessions, workshops, and open discussions, decision makers can explore and question what solutions are available to them and whether it is worth changing existing processes. Early adopters are especially useful in this decision process because they have already been through these implementations and can offer real-world advice.

2013 DSAG Annual Congress Quick Facts
  • 4,175 attendees
  • 175 exhibitors
  • 7 keynote speakers
  • Approximately 300 sessions

Q: What hot topics were discussed at the congress?

A: SAP HANA, of course, was a key topic at the event — specifically, SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA. Other innovations like cloud and mobile technologies were also widely discussed.

A few weeks before the event, we surveyed our members about the roles innovations such as cloud, mobility, and in-memory play in their business. The results showed that 40% of our members are currently using cloud and software-as-a-service technology, and another 41% are interested in pursuing cloud in the next few years. Sixty-six percent have already invested in mobile technology through various vendors, with another 29% interested in adding mobility to their business. As far as SAP HANA is concerned, 48% see it as a technology to improve business processes, and 14% of DSAG members are currently working on SAP HANA projects.

Q: How else do attendees get value out of the event?

A: The congress gives DSAG members the ability to openly discuss current and future initiatives with SAP representatives. There are many ways to adjust to changing technological environments.

The best way, however, is to participate in an open and efficient exchange of ideas. This constructive and collaborative relationship between DSAG and SAP allows us to truly serve our members and ensure their best interests are at the heart of SAP’s agenda.

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Marco Lenck
Dr. Marco Lenck

Chairman of the Board

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