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Move from Reactive to Proactive Business Process Management

How Process Automation Can Transform Your Company

by Kristine Gersabeck and Victor Wood

October 1, 2013

In an era of automation, spending vast amounts of time on manual tasks can drag down company performance and ultimately cost money. To help, HP, SAP, and Redwood have teamed up to develop an offering called Enterprise Process Automation (EPA). Read this article to see how this offering can help companies save time, empower users, and become proactive instead of reactive.


Many organizations with experience managing their SAP systems have automated various business processes to enable decision makers to receive fast, consistent results. But others still spend a vast amount of time on manual tasks to bridge processes across departments, business units, platforms, applications, or geographic locations. These manual tasks can drag down company performance considerably by pulling employees away from value-driven projects, slowing the distribution of important information, and ultimately costing the business money.  

To help, HP, SAP, and Redwood have teamed up to develop an offering called Enterprise Process Automation (EPA). EPA is designed to unlock your organization’s potential for speed, efficiency, accuracy, and compliance by creating alignment across the business and technical silos within a company. It works for any business process, including those in supply chain, order-to-cash, business intelligence, and change management areas. Let’s learn more about EPA.

The Enterprise Process Automation Offering — From Start to Finish

The first step of the EPA approach is to define the business processes in question. We begin this by working with a customer to document its jobs scheduling global template through blueprinting all of the business processes, services, and infrastructures that will be interconnected. We document the job and chain details in the Job Scheduling Work Center in SAP Solution Manager. Once this is complete, the jobs are then transferred to the SAP Central Process Scheduling application by Redwood to be scheduled and released in SAP environments.

Change management and application lifecycle management (ALM) are provided by IT Service Management (ITSM) and Change Request Management (ChaRM) functionalities in SAP Solution Manager. Additionally, interaction with HP Service Manager can be included if the company needs to meet further change management requirements. Alerting and audit modules in SAP Central Process Scheduling provide real-time event alerting, and the Business Process Monitoring functionality in SAP Solution Manager offers advanced key performance indicator (KPI) reporting.

In this way, a company’s batch windows can be transformed. Instead of relying solely on transaction codes SM36 and SM37, the organization can take advantage of an automated, process-driven solution.


With the Enterprise Process Automation offering, companies are able to save time, empower users, and transform reactive business process management into proactive business process management, lifting the burden off of IT to respond to each and every process issue.


Application Management Services from HP

In addition to Enterprise Process Automation (EPA), HP offers Application Management Services that, when used in conjunction with EPA, can provide even more value to SAP customers.

HP’s Application Management Services can help organizations effectively and successfully manage the life cycles of their SAP applications.

As a certified Global Run SAP Operations partner and a member of the Run SAP partner program, HP leverages SAP support standards and SAP Solution Manager, which form the foundation for how we support our customers.

The HP Run SAP practice offers ALM global roadmap architecture solutioning, implementation support, and operations support. These services can help companies optimize cost and value by providing a holistic set of services and capabilities that enable them to fully see their application portfolios.

With help from HP, your organization can realize productivity and standardization benefits, all while managing your SAP system’s application life cycle. Visit for more information.

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Kristine Gersabeck
Kristine Gersabeck

Vice President
SAP Americas Practice
HP Enterprise Services

Victor Wood
Victor Wood

ALM SAP Leader
SAP Americas Practice
HP Enterprise Services

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