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Real-Time Insights to Forge Deeper Relationships with Your Customers

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by Amr El Meleegy | SAPinsider, Volume 15

April 1, 2014

The next step in the evolution of SAP HANA is becoming the foundation for a new generation of real-time applications such as SAP Customer Engagement Intelligence. This application enables highly targeted marketing campaigns and fosters deeper relationships with customers, giving you a better understanding of their needs.


SAP HANA has evolved beyond being a platform for delivering real-time analytics. It is now a foundation for a new class of real-time applications that can deliver insights on big data, can be deployed in the cloud, and are accessible by business users via mobile devices. One example of this new generation of real-time SAP HANA applications is SAP Customer Engagement Intelligence. This solution, launched early last year, has attracted tremendous interest from marketers who are looking to gain a deeper understanding of their customers’ needs. In turn, it helps deliver highly targeted marketing campaigns and ultimately forge deeper relationships with these customers.

Simplified Pricing, Deployment, and Accessibility

In addition to the on-premise deployment options, customers can deploy SAP Customer Engagement Intelligence in the cloud on a subscription-based license model. The new subscription pricing offers customers a flexible pay-as-you-go option that requires no upfront hardware investments. To further ease the accessibility to the solution, customers can also, for a limited time, access a free, three-day cloud trial of the solution, delivered via the SAP HANA Marketplace.

Building Highly Targeted Marketing Campaigns

The free cloud trial covers two scenarios within SAP Customer Engagement Intelligence. The first focuses on helping marketers segment large customer populations to generate a highly targeted list of prospects who are most likely to respond to their campaigns. You start with a sample population of more than 10 million customer records and leverage various contact attributes (such as geography, gender, age, and hobbies) to quickly zoom in on a target audience with common needs and preferences (see Figure 1). You will experience how quick and intuitive it is to define, create, and manage targeted groups to run successful marketing campaigns and nurture your leads.

Engage more effectively with your customers and prospects

Figure 1 — Engage more effectively with your customers and prospects

In the second scenario, you leverage sample unstructured data — from customer emails, social media, and other data forms that don’t reside in a relational database — to further refine your target customer list. You can explore the interests of your sample customers based on the previous interactions you had with them, and use this information to build a precise list that would form the basis of more effective marketing campaigns.

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Amr El Meleegy, SAP
Amr El Meleegy

Senior Director, Product Marketing, SAP S/4HANA

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