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Achieve Maximum Flexibility and Efficiency with Cloud-Based SAP HANA Deployments

by Andrea Voigt | SAPinsider, Volume 15, Issue 1

January 1, 2014

The pressure to reduce IT costs while still implementing new applications, and all without busting a budget or introducing more complexity, has never been greater. Cloud services and in-memory technology are two trends with the proven potential to make companies more responsive to change.

Read this article to learn how to deploy SAP HANA in the cloud to achieve increased flexibility with few entry barriers. You will learn about key benefits, such as:

    •  SAP HANA data compression for maximum flexibility and lessened financial and operational risks

    •  High availability based on a multi-redundant architecture concept, which reduces costs and ensures secure operations

    •  Synergy effects by sharing infrastructure, services, and resources that ensures secure operations


In an ideal world, IT would optimally support business growth with little pressure and a never-ending budget. But the reality is CIOs and IT managers find themselves in an area of conflict among numerous opposing demands: They are expected to reduce costs all while rapidly implementing new applications, complying with tight service levels, and efficiently utilizing big data.

While thousands of application and service offerings promise to provide a remedy, too often they simply introduce more complexity and shrink already miniscule budgets. There are two trends, however, that seem to stand out from the crowd: cloud services and in-memory technology. Each has the potential to make companies more responsive to changes than ever before — and this has already been proven in numerous real-life projects. 

Weighing the Benefits and Risks

In-memory and cloud solutions have the potential to support business growth by providing users with increased flexibility and real-time information based on the analysis of big data. To bypass infrastructure costs and lower the entry barriers to adopt in-memory technology, Fujitsu leverages its expertise in cloud services, as well as its knowledge of more than 300 SAP HANA on-site deployments, to create Fujitsu Cloud for SAP HANA (see sidebar).

Fujitsu Cloud for SAP HANA

Fujitsu Cloud for SAP HANA is more than a traditional database service. It represents a complete 360-degree cloud solution, including assessment, advisory, and professional support over the entire project life cycle. The solution provides:

  • Maximum flexibility, which minimizes the financial and operational risks of undersized or oversized infrastructure and fully exploits reduced hardware capacity needs due to SAP HANA data compression
  • High availability based on a multi-redundant architecture concept, which reduces costs and ensures secure operations with no need of special skills or additional operational effort
  • Synergy effects by sharing infrastructure, services, and resources, which ensures secure operations and constant utilization of the most efficient technologies

Because virtualization is a major foundation for the efficiency of cloud platforms, Fujitsu ran a proof-of-concept (POC) project with a VMware-virtualized SAP HANA platform, to exactly detect the impact on costs.

The POC analysis revealed that the smaller the database, the higher the cost reduction through virtualization with VMware vSphere. Small-to-midsize companies are not the only ones to benefit from server virtualization, however. Fujitsu Cloud for SAP HANA can also be a smart option for larger organizations that want to start with a limited scope to gain initial SAP HANA experience and that prefer cloud deployments for their development and test systems. Here, the solution complements the overall SAP HANA strategy.

Learn More

More than 3,600 organizations trust Fujitsu’s mission-critical serviceability and utilize its broad cloud portfolio, supported by 18 highly secure cloud data centers worldwide — with six more coming in 2014. Fujitsu’s specific expertise regarding dedicated cloud services have been accredited by the SAP certification for SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud. For more information on Fujitsu’s SAP HANA portfolio, visit

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Andrea Voigt

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