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Use a Hybrid Approach to Accelerate the Value of an SAP HANA Investment

Realizing a Real-Time Data Platform with HP As-a-Service Solution for SAP HANA

by Chris Nøkkentved, Dr. | SAPinsider, Volume 15, Issue 1

January 1, 2014

In this data-driven world, most companies recognize the increasing importance of big data analytics and how it can be used to gain a competitive edge. But unpredictable data volumes lead to a vexing challenge with a hybrid cloud approach: how to achieve a real-time data platform without over-provisioning; yet still maintain an “always-on” availability?

Read this article to learn about the HP AppSystems for SAP HANA service, which enables on-premise, dedicated setup within a customer’s data center and hybrid scenarios delivered out of HP’s enterprise cloud as a virtual private cloud. Learn how this technology appliance can help you address a number of challenges, among them:

    •  Removing the need for upfront capital expenditure

    •  Fast and flexible deployments

    •  Lowered business risk

    •  Alignment with SAP’s enterprise cloud strategy


In today’s data-driven world, many enterprises have realized the importance of big data analytics and are using the increasingly abundant transactional and behavioral information available through channels such as social media to enhance individual customer offerings and improve decision making. Business users in these enterprises expect to have tools that enable them to conduct analyses and transactions on any device in any setting. And the business expects IT to produce self-updating, consumption-based, continuously accessible applications on top of ecosystems that allow speed, elasticity, and reach. Unsurprisingly, many IT departments are unable to keep pace with these demands.

A strong foundation is necessary if IT departments are going to deliver the innovations needed in today’s market. Real-time data platforms (RTDPs) can leverage SAP HANA’s in-memory multiplatform database architecture, which enhances analytics in SAP business intelligence (BI) applications and transactional processing for SAP Business Suite applications. However, as big data solutions face unpredictable data volumes, more companies are looking to expand their landscapes into the cloud, rather than hosting everything on premise. This hybrid approach gives companies the ability to meet spikes in demand without over-provisioning and still maintain “always-on” availability. For a hybrid solution to be successful, it must marry the cloud’s ability to provision capacity more elastically with the power, speed, and accessibility of SAP HANA.

Hybrid Approach — Enabling Big Data to Exceed On-Premise Capabilities

To meet this need, HP has released HP AppSystems for SAP HANA, a preconfigured, in-memory infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) technology appliance architected for HP’s Converged Infrastructure that can be part of a shared pool of always-on, virtualized resources and managed as a service. This appliance is the foundation of HP As-a-Service Solution for SAP HANA, built to realize consumption-based, productive SAP Business Suite and BI applications powered by SAP HANA scenarios. This service enables both on-premise, dedicated setup within a customer’s data center, as well as hybrid scenarios delivered out of HP’s enterprise cloud as a virtual private cloud.

HP As-a-Service Solution for SAP HANA bundles hardware and ongoing operational management into a complete solution delivered as a cost-effective, monthly subscription-based payment model. HP As-a-Service Solution for SAP HANA addresses a number of challenges:

  • Building a new platform demands considerable capital investment. HP removed the need for upfront capital expenditure by bundling licenses, hardware, and ongoing service costs into a simple, rolling monthly fee. The service also allows the use of a company’s own SAP HANA licenses.
  • Deployments need to be fast and flexible. HP offers accelerated deployments by leveraging end-to-end capabilities to set up the operational platform in less than eight weeks. Realization in a virtual private cloud also enables faster provisioning and continuous improvements.
  • Businesses want to lower their business risk. HP provides a global network of industrialized delivery centers, with global SAP HANA centers of excellence accelerating migrations via a factory approach that takes a client from concept to production and is completely managed and delivered by HP, removing some of the risk of traditional investments.
  • Align with SAP’s enterprise cloud strategy. HP As-a-Service Solution for SAP HANA enables mission-critical applications within a dedicated, cloud-based deployment environment certified to work with SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud. This allows companies to leverage the latest business applications and technology innovations from SAP.

The most evident value of HP’s offering is that customers avoid immediate capital expenditure to establish an RTDP based on SAP HANA. HP As-a-Service Solution for SAP HANA accommodates hybrid enterprise-grade deployment scenarios for a dedicated, virtual private cloud, enabling scheduled flexing and smooth scale-out on a converged subscription fee. Customers can therefore focus on leveraging the advantages of SAP’s BI applications and SAP Business Suite on SAP HANA, thus accelerating business growth and operational innovation initiatives based on major technology trends (see Figure 1).

HP As-a-Service Solution for SAP HANA enables modern enterprises to:

  • Speed up decision making and compute massive data volumes at high speeds
  • Gain insights from structured and unstructured data in SAP and non-SAP platforms
  • Enable agile, real-time interactions across your value chain and sharing data faster
  • Leverage an enterprise-grade, always-on hybrid cloud platform
  • Unlock unparalleled insights with predictive analytics from social, demographic, and business network data
  • Drive landscape simplification and harmonization for better response, faster change, and lower total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Accelerate business growth by deploying SAP’s industry solutions and mobile apps
  • Establish an innovation platform by deploying an SAP RTDP to enable the creation of differentiating business solutions
  • Ensure business process execution and improve­ment
  • Compress time to market by migrating to and enhancing current solutions faster with rapid-deployment solutions for SAP HANA
  • Reach higher efficiency, innovate without disruption, and focus expenditure on business efficiency and growth

Figure 1 — HP As-a-Service Solution for SAP HANA accelerates value realization 

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HP’s close collaboration with SAP ensures access to the latest appliance and enterprise cloud technologies as well as industry applications grounded in the SAP roadmap. To learn more about HP As-a-Service Solution for SAP HANA and our other services, visit and

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Chris Nokkentved
Chris Nøkkentved

Enterprise Application Services
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Chris Nokkentved
Chris Nøkkentved

Enterprise Application Services
HP Enterprise Services

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