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Faxing Reinvented in the Cloud

How SAP Customers Can Use Retarus Cloud-Based Services to Make Business Communications More Efficient and Reliable

by Johannes Hecker | SAPinsider, Volume 15, Issue 1

January 1, 2014

The outsourcing of managed communication services such as fax to cloud-based systems is a popular option that doesn’t require hardware, software, or maintenance. Learn how you can leverage cloud-based services to:

    •  Send faxes out of an SAP system without an internal fax server

    •  Send emails without depending on the availability of a server

    •  Send SMS messages anywhere globally

    •  Utilize unlimited capacity and scalability without modifying your infrastructure


Most enterprise CIOs today focus on leveraging the latest technology to do three things: drive innovation, streamline business processes, and reduce the complexity of their IT infrastructure. When the CIO sees “fax server” on the company’s list of capital expenditures (CAPEX), he or she knows none of those priorities are being met. But for many organizations, there are still important business processes that rely on fax communication — sales orders, bills of lading, purchase orders, and trade confirmations are still sent to suppliers or partners via fax.

Despite being a mature technology, fax servers can require substantial investment to maintain — even escalating to millions of dollars for some larger organizations. As a result, there’s a high demand for managed communication solutions, as more businesses are outsourcing their IT services to cloud-based systems as they do not require hardware, software, or maintenance, and offer higher capacity and scalability.

Performance Anxiety

Maintaining fax servers generates performance concerns. Depending on use patterns, mission-critical communications could be stalled during the most active periods due to traffic bottlenecks on the server.

Not only does this affect business operations, it serves to further frustrate the CIO and IT leadership. The company has invested in an SAP system, fax servers, and the connector module, yet the most basic business communications still do not reach recipients in a timely manner — or at all, in some cases. 

IT departments often overlook monitoring and reporting fax activity, but they should not. The time and effort of calling partners to find out if a fax was successfully delivered contributes to the cost and inefficiency of a business process. And in an industry like healthcare, lives depend on the accuracy and promptness of a delivered message.

Without a viable alternative, fax servers and the necessary modules to connect to SAP systems remain on the CAPEX list, much to the CIO’s dismay.

An Alternative for Critical Business Communications

With Retarus cloud-based services, SAP customers have more options to meet the business requirement of sending mission-critical documents out of their SAP ERP system via fax, email, or SMS, without requiring additional modifications to their current SAP infrastructure, streamlining the integration with higher reliability. SAP customers can send faxes out of their SAP system without using an internal fax server, email documents without depending on the availability of a server (as it runs independently), and send SMS anywhere globally. Retarus’ Messaging Services for SAP provides users with unlimited capacity, scalability, and a world-class infrastructure.

On the back end, setting this model up in an SAP system is a simple task for an SAP Basis administrator. A Retarus node is created within the BC-Con interface. Faxes are routed securely over the internet via a VPN to our global data centers, and delivered to the recipient quickly due to our server capacity. The client doesn’t need on-premise servers, making the Retarus cost model more flexible.

Retarus Faxolution is an SAP-certified proprietary system that offers a high level of infrastructure and transaction-level security. The SAP connectivity is protected by site-to-site VPN and all data stored with Retarus is AES encrypted. Retarus utilizes only Tier 4, SSAE 16 Type 2-certified data centers and employs real-time security and application monitoring on all connections. In addition, the EAS portal provides for administrative access to track all messages in real time and access transaction history for 12 months. This allows users to monitor outbound messages as they are in progress and offer a query for specific transaction information to view status or resend past messages. EAS also provides for statistical analysis of transmission across all services.

To learn more about how Retarus can help your organization move to a more reliable and cost-effective method for communicating out of your SAP system, visit

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Johannes Hecker
Johannes Hecker

Group COO
Retarus US


Johannes Hecker
Johannes Hecker

Group COO
Retarus US

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