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Minimize Cloud Risk at the Source

An Automated Approach to Managing Risk in Hybrid Cloud Environments

by Shoeb Javed | SAPinsider, Volume 15, Issue 1

January 1, 2014

Managing “cloud risk” is a critical task for today’s CIOs. Find out how you can minimize the risk of a hybrid cloud environment, and validate the integrity of your organization’s end-to-end business processes at a rate to keep pace with software changes. Read this article to learn more about risk, how to avoid it, and the benefits of business process validation, including:

    •  Shortened cloud project timelines

    •  Reduced cost of deployment

    •  Successful of cloud technologies and systems integration with quality business execution


For companies that use SAP solutions, the cloud offers a host of possibilities, including faster deployment of new technologies, more affordability, and improved sustainability of technology platforms in a fast-changing environment. And SAP customers are seizing this opportunity, with more than 33 million users using SAP cloud-based applications.

Shifting enterprise applications to the cloud enables companies to gain instant benefits, with fast access to new technology in a simpler, more cost-efficient landscape. However, it also carries a unique set of challenges, particularly if your cloud strategy is a hybrid approach — some combination of individual cloud applications, cloud services from multiple sources, hosted solutions on a private cloud, or public cloud applications — which is the most likely scenario for large enterprises.

These challenges introduce “cloud risk,” and managing this risk is a critical task for today’s CIOs.

Where Risk Lives in a Hybrid Cloud Environment

While cloud-based systems help companies quickly deploy new technology and updates, they also take some amount of control out of your hands. For instance, your company may have less say in the timing of software changes and where those software changes occur. You may not even be informed of these changes.

This introduces risk into cloud environments because software changes that are not monitored and checked can disrupt mission-critical business processes. For example, an undetected software glitch in a hybrid environment can keep customers from placing orders or prevent your warehouses from processing shipments, which can be disastrous for business operations.

Software changes are also happening faster than ever — faster than manual processes can handle. The accelerated rate of change means that your team must continuously ensure the quality of the integration between cloud and non-cloud enterprise applications, across both SAP and non-SAP systems.

Comprehensive Coverage Is Key

A successful business process validation approach needs to support all leading enterprise cloud applications, including:

  • SAP’s portfolio of cloud solutions, including SAP Cloud for Customer, SAP Cloud for Financials, and SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud
  • Non-SAP cloud-based applications
  • Custom-built cloud applications
Automated Risk Management

To ensure success in a hybrid cloud enterprise landscape, companies need a way to validate the integrity of their end-to-end business processes at a rate that can keep pace with software changes.

An automated validation approach enables a complete step-by-step check to confirm that all underlying business functions and transactions are performing properly across every enterprise application and interface, including cloud apps. This is known as end-to-end business process validation, and can help companies:

  • Lower the technology risk for public, private, and hybrid cloud applications
  • Shorten cloud project timelines and reduce the cost of deployment
  • Ensure the success of cloud technologies and systems integration with quality business execution
  • Validate critical end-to-end business processes
Learn More

Worksoft automation software for business process validation can enable 24/7/365 coverage in complex, hybrid cloud environments that include SAP solutions. Whether you’re moving entirely or partially to the cloud, Worksoft can help you accelerate cloud projects and reduce technology risk. For a demonstration, contact or visit

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Shoeb Javed

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