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SAP HANA Marketplace: Fostering an Online Commerce Ecosystem for SAP HANA

by Rajiv Nema | SAPinsider, Volume 15, Issue 3

July 1, 2014

To provide a corporate buying experience that meets consumer demands, SAP has developed an online commerce ecosystem that allows customers to discover, try, and buy SAP HANA-based solutions. This article provides an overview of the new SAP HANA Marketplace, and looks at the role it plays in SAP’s transformation into a true cloud company.


Customers of consumer products are quite discerning and demanding. By contrast, these same customers have traditionally been forgiving when it came to enterprise products. They have often felt constrained by the options available and have felt that they had less decision-making power. It is quite a project to get basic information such as pricing, demos, and documentation, let alone capabilities like free trials, use of credit cards to make transactions, and instant access to the product. But with technology such as smartphones and tablets emerging as common tools for interfacing between the consumer and enterprise worlds, this separation of expectations is fast disappearing.

As a result, enterprise product vendors are now offering products and buying experiences to meet customer expectations via enterprise marketplaces. SAP has developed SAP HANA Marketplace as one such channel for SAP customers, partners, and developers looking for solutions related to its breakthrough in-memory platform (see Figure 1).

SAP HANA Marketplace

Figure 1 — The SAP HANA Marketplace homepage

What Is SAP HANA Marketplace?

SAP HANA Marketplace is an online commerce ecosystem for SAP HANA solutions, and is a key part of SAP’s cloud vision and execution. It is a single destination for customers to discover, try, and buy solutions delivered by SAP and its partners, including startups, on SAP HANA. Customers can experience a wide range of solutions for their particular industry and line-of-business needs, from next-generation apps for marketing and the supply chain, to SAP HANA Cloud Platform, which can be purchased and accessed on a monthly subscription basis. The marketplace shares many features with consumer product marketplaces, including an intuitive layout, search and filter capabilities, and mobile access. It allows SAP to address the needs of individual developers and business users in large enterprises globally at any time (see Figure 2).

SAP HANA Marketplace

Figure 2 — SAP HANA Marketplace's product gallery makes it easy to search and filter to meet your requirements

SAP HANA Marketplace, built on the hybris e-commerce solution, also provides a low-touch channel for partners to connect with SAP’s global customer network and rapidly monetize their innovations. Any SAP partner can publish and start selling certified SAP HANA apps via a self-service storefront portal. More than half of the solutions today on SAP HANA Marketplace have been developed by SAP’s partners, including the innovative big data and analytics startups in the SAP Startup Focus Program. 

SAP HANA Marketplace at a Glance
  • Solutions for 25 industries and 12 lines of business
  • Several free trials, test drives, and starter editions
  • SAP HANA Cloud Platform exclusively available here
  • Key partners represented: Liquid Analytics, Warwick Analytics, Bankhawk Analytics, OPAL
  • Key SAP solutions: SAP Customer Engagement Intelligence, SAP Fiori, SAP Screen Personas, SAP Sales and Operations Planning, SAP Cloud for Customer, SAP Genomic Analyzer
The Cloud Company Powered by SAP HANA

SAP’s stated vision is to become “the cloud company powered by SAP HANA.” Selling enterprise software solutions via SAP HANA Marketplace is an essential step in SAP’s transformation into a true cloud company. With simplified pricing, purchasing, deployment, and consumption, the marketplace exemplifies SAP’s cloud strategy. To test drive a few solutions and experience the new empowerment of the enterprise consumer, visit

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Rajiv Nema
Rajiv Nema

Rajiv Nema ( is Director of Marketing for the SAP HANA Marketplace. He joined SAP in May 2012 and has been instrumental in executing go-to-market plans for consumer and enterprise innovations on SAP HANA. He has taken SAP’s message to new audiences at venues such as TechCrunch Disrupt, DEMO, and Game Developers Conference.

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