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An Education Evolution

Build, Learn, Market, and Connect at SAP d-code with SAP TechEd

by Ingrid Van Den Hoogen and Maria Squicciarini | SAPinsider, Volume 15, Issue 3

July 1, 2014

To help customers keep their workforces up to date, SAP is expanding SAP TechEd to include SAP d-code, the next step in the evolution of technology and training events from SAP. This article explains what’s different about SAP d-code, and the ways in which this new series puts SAP technology directly into the hands of developers and technology professionals.


New technology and ground-breaking innovations are being released at an incredible pace, creating vast opportunities for businesses. However, these opportunities also come with a significant challenge — how can you keep your workforce up to date with these new technologies?

For nearly two decades, SAP has delivered technology training and education through the SAP TechEd conference series. Every year, our SAP community members and technology professionals gather to learn from top SAP experts, get their hands on the latest SAP technologies, and network with peers.

Building on the successful approach of SAP TechEd, SAP decided that it was time to expand and grow the conference to include more technologists and deliver even more experiences. The new SAP d-code takes the best of SAP TechEd and adds some new elements to help developers, IT professionals, architects, students, and startups broaden and expand their horizons with SAP technologies. This new event series celebrates developers as well as the entire ecosystem of technology professionals with four days of inspiration and hands-on coaching to help them use SAP technology and platforms to build and manage the next generation of enterprise applications and solutions.

Hot Topics for SAP d-code 2014
  • Analytics
  • Big data
  • Cloud
  • Developer tools
  • Internet of things
  • Mobility
  • Security
  • Suite simplification
  • User experience

SAP d-code will continue to deliver valuable content for IT managers and architects, developers, system and database administrators, and security and business intelligence professionals. But with the new series, we’ll put SAP technology directly into the hands of developers and technology professionals to engage and explore new possibilities for collaboration, innovation, and problem solving.

What’s New?

The SAP TechEd conference had always been about how to get things done — delivering education and training to help customers get the most out of their SAP solutions. Now with SAP d-code, there are also more collaborative opportunities to interact with SAP developers and product experts to discuss what is possible with new technologies and products. There are four key components of SAP d-code:

  • Build
  • Learn
  • Market
  • Connect

At SAP d-code, you can explore SAP platforms and tools and learn how to create real-time data applications for mobile, web, and cloud at different activities like InnoJam, mini editions of SAP CodeJam, and in the Hackers’ Lounge. Join Code Review sessions to evaluate and discuss real-world examples of good and bad code. You can even bring your own laptop and get help from SAP experts with installation and access to test, trial, and developer editions of SAP software in the Developer Garage. 

Connect across nine tracks at SAP d-code

Figure 1 — SAP d-code delivers opportunities to build, learn, market, and connect across nine tracks 


You can get a visionary look at the future of technology with keynotes from top SAP executives and industry luminaries, and gain insights that will help you advise decision makers about future technology investments. Dive deep into SAP’s technology and platforms, expand your skills, and stay current with the latest product updates and roadmaps by attending lecture sessions, hands-on workshops, product roadmap Q&As, and technology demonstrations. See Figure 1 for a look at SAP d-code’s educational tracks.


Find out how SAP can help you monetize your applications and explore opportunities to sell into the enterprise market. Get tips and best practices for building your own startup from members of the SAP Startup Focus program. 


Hang out with your peers at the Coffee Bar and Hackers’ Lounge and meet subject matter experts, speakers, SAP mentors, and like-minded attendees in the networking lounges and at the networking reception. You can also see how other developers are putting SAP technologies to creative use during the DemoJam competition. And relax with friends — both new and old — during the event’s night festivities.

Keep Learning and Networking — Even After the Conference Ends

At SAP d-code 2014, attendees can access the tools and resources they need to keep learning long after the conference ends. SAP d-code online provides year-round access to valuable conference content.

Virtual workshops enable attendees to repeat hands-on sessions they took in at the live event or to try something new on a real SAP d-code system environment. And with access to SAP Community Network, attendees can easily find experts and assets to help them solve challenges and boost their knowledge.

To learn more, visit and follow us on Twitter @SAPdcode.

SAP d-code 2014: Dates and Locations
  • Las Vegas: October 20-24, 2014
  • Berlin: November 11-13, 2014
  • Bangalore: December 9-11, 2014

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Ingrid VanDenHoogen
Ingrid Van Den Hoogen

Ingrid Van Den Hoogen ( is a Senior Vice President at SAP, leading Products & Innovation Marketing. With over 20 years of experience, Ingrid has the global responsibility of driving strategic product marketing across SAP’s technology portfolio, including SAP’s database and breakthrough innovations targeting to achieve defined revenue goals and thought leadership in the industry.

Maria Squicciarini
Maria Squicciarini

Maria Squicciarini ( is Senior Director of Products & Innovation Marketing at SAP. She is responsible for the strategy, planning, innovation, and execution of the global series of SAP d-code events.

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