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Build Your Big Data Foundation

Implement Breakthrough Technology for Minimal Disruption and Optimal Impact

by Venkat Venkataraman | SAPinsider, Volume 15, Issue 3

July 1, 2014

Implementing a big data analytics program is the best way to face the challenges presented by growing data volumes, and SAP HANA has the potential to be the technology solution that leads to a program’s success. The risk that organizations must consider usually includes questions related to increased cost, untenable downtime, or data loss. This article takes a closer look at unique user data processing, storage, and archival needs.


The need for streamlined information processing and management is as critical to a business as traffic planning is to a metropolis. But imperatives for change have sent many businesses scrambling, setting them on quick missions to choose technologies only to find that the selected infrastructure quickly becomes burdensome and unmanageable. The best way to face the challenges presented by growing data volumes is to implement a big data analytics program.

When determining the ideal system architecture and infrastructure, you should consider the information life cycle and the volume, velocity, and variety of data.

The SAP HANA environment, including SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA, has the potential to be the front line in your journey to big data implementation and success. However, such implementations and migrations are not without risk. One of the most important considerations in building your SAP environment involves choosing the right infrastructure platform, without increasing costs or risking downtime and data loss. 

Best-Fit Solutions for SAP HANA

There are many different data storage and analysis platforms available. When determining the ideal system architecture and infrastructure, you should consider the information life cycle and the volume, velocity, and variety of data. Unique user data processing, storage, and archival needs (such as SAP HANA multi-temperature data and SAP HANA-Apache Hadoop integration) might require multi-tiered data and analysis strategies.
Dell offers a broad portfolio of processing, storage, and networking equipment and technologies to meet unique data and analysis needs, such as:

  • PowerEdge server families with the latest generation of Intel Xeon E7 processors
  • Dell Fluid Cache data-caching and storage technology that accelerates the storage and retrieval of data, centrally maintained on storage area networks

With these offerings, we can match your business needs with secure, enterprise-class solutions for your data centers, converged infrastructures, virtualized SAP HANA environments, and cloud computing, whether private, public, or hybrid. Organizations with aging legacy UNIX or mainframe environments can easily and cost-effectively transition to modern x86 environments — with no impact on application availability or performance.

Mitigate Downtime and Risk

Organizations looking to transition their legacy environments to x86 environments often struggle with the amount of downtime that may be involved in accessing mission-critical data during the migration. Dell Services offers business-critical support, expertise, and practical experience to help eliminate the risks associated with such migrations. The platform-agnostic Dell ZeroIMPACT migration solution provides replication for UNIX, Linux, or Microsoft Windows systems as well as conversions from Oracle databases to SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (SAP ASE) or SAP HANA.1 During a ZeroIMPACT migration, the current production system operates as usual, enabling users to interact with the system and maintain business continuity throughout the process (see Figure 1).

Database replication using the Dell ZeroIMPACT migration approach

Figure 1 — Database replication using the Dell ZeroIMPACT migration approach without interrupting any mission-critical systems driving business operations

Accelerate Innovation with SAP HANA and Dell Services

To keep up with all the changing solutions, deployments, and infrastructures, companies must re-engineer their business processes and take advantage of new technologies such as analytics, mobile computing, social networking, and cloud services.
To help companies in this endeavor, Dell provides offerings with data integration, data visualization, and business planning and consolidation capabilities for SAP HANA. We also offer SAP-qualified rapid deployment solutions, including SAP HANA Profitability Analysis rapid-deployment solution and SAP HANA Operational Reporting rapid-deployment solution.

Simplify Your SAP Environment to Harness Big Data

There are numerous ways to unlock the power of data in your business. The software architecture to manage various systems, tasks, and operations in a big data environment should simplify — not add to complexity and risk. Scalability needs to be a design consideration, as data and processing needs might grow. The ability to integrate various types of information sources, information availability, and security requirements are additional considerations as you build your architecture. All these factors drive the need for enterprise software solutions of industrial strength and quality.
Dell offers a variety of tools for SAP environments to automate and simplify performance management, administration, and security in data center, cloud, and mobile environments:2

  • The Toad DBA Suite: A comprehensive set of tools that assist database administrators by automating maintenance, ensuring optimal performance, and mitigating the risk of change
  • Toad Data Point: A cross-platform ad hoc query and reporting tool that connects to sources such as SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence solutions, SAP ASE, and SAP HANA to more easily aggregate data, automate reporting, and share data analyses with your team
  • Foglight: A platform for monitoring your entire application stack, from end users to the web or from application servers to the database
  • Boomi AtomSphere: An integration platform that connects SAP solutions to software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications, databases, or web services, enabling SAP users to connect with applications hosted in the cloud
  • Identity Manager: A part of the Dell One Identity product line that makes it easy to manage user identities, privileges, and security across the enterprise, including SAP systems
A Solid Foundation

For organizations already taking advantage of the benefits of SAP applications and databases, big data represents an opportunity to transform data into real-time, actionable insight. Companies moving forward with big data solutions and programs are already achieving significant competitive advantages.

Implementing the right foundation to manage, access, and process information across your organization is critical. But implementing breakthrough technology on a dated, legacy hardware platform limits its usability and impact. Building SAP big data solutions — including SAP HANA — on a Dell x86 platform delivers clear advantages: better performance, improved agility, simpler scalability, and lower total cost of ownership.
If you’re ready to put big data to use in your SAP environment, get started by visiting

1 See “Modernizing SAP Environments with Minimal Downtime and Risk,” Dell Power Solutions (Issue 4, 2013). [back]
2 For more information, visit [back]

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