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Enhance Your Value from SAP HANA with Tailor-Made Adoption Roadmaps and Solutions

by Manvendra Rai | SAPinsider, Volume 15, Issue 3

July 1, 2014

With an array of choices for deploying SAP HANA, organizations must consider risk-free SAP HANA adoption roadmaps that balance return on investment with total cost of ownership. This article looks at the three key phases needed to build an adoption roadmap — value discovery, proof pilot, and adoption scale — and how to deliver consolidation and harmonization benefits when using SAP HANA.


SAP HANA’s growth as a prominent business transformation platform has come from multiple use cases. At one end of the spectrum, large organizations process massive amounts of data with complex decision support algorithms to enable real-time decision making. At the other end, smaller organizations have gathered insight through tools such as SAP Ganges, which helps smaller retailers monitor sales and performance.1 Indeed, there are many implementation scenarios in between, such as sidecar deployments, apps, accelerators, SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA, and cloud options.

With this array of choices, organizations need to consider risk-free SAP HANA adoption roadmaps that balance return on investment and total cost of ownership. 

Tailor-Made SAP HANA Adoption Roadmap and Implementation

The key to building a robust roadmap is by under-taking three phases: value discovery, proof pilots, and adoption scale.

  1. Value discovery: Start with identifying your critical business pain points to address and discover the business benefits derived from SAP HANA
  2. Proof pilot: Take the time to challenge your vision by performing a proof of concept (POC) and considering use cases in line with your business requirements.
  3. Adoption scale: Customize your implementation roadmap for your business.

Atos will guide you through each of these stages, leveraging our experts and experience gained from developing numerous POCs and demos to explain the benefits of SAP HANA. We have tailored SAP HANA-based solutions across five verticals that work in concert with SAP solutions to bring maximum business value (see Figure 1). 

SAP and Atos solutions across five industries

Figure 1 — SAP and Atos solutions across five industries

These solutions draw upon our domain expertise and next-generation capabilities, such as predictive analysis, self-service BI, mobile enablement, and real-time analysis on OLTP data. To smoothen the path of your SAP HANA adoption, you may also be interested in cloud-based SAP HANA services. Hosting solutions developed by Canopy, an Atos company, powered by EMC and VMware technology, help organizations of all sizes adopt, sustain, and scale up to SAP HANA with lower barriers to entry. 

The last milestone in your SAP HANA adoption roadmap should be a single consolidated platform combining all transactional, analytics, and other point systems. Customers have already started realizing the benefits of consolidation by moving numerous scattered data warehouse platforms onto a single SAP HANA instance. This stage of the adoption roadmap provides opportunities to consider the potential business benefits of application consolidation and the implementation of end-to-end, best-practice processes. Atos has proven capabilities to deliver consolidation and harmonization benefits using SAP HANA.

Begin Your SAP HANA Journey

Many customers across the globe have started realizing the benefits of various SAP HANA solutions by partnering with Atos, and many more are on the way. Start your SAP HANA journey with Atos. Visit to learn more.


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