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From Insight to Action: Reap Cost Savings and Speed Your Time to Market with Accelerated Decision Support

by Ryan D’Costa and Paul Mantey | SAPinsider, Volume 15, Issue 3

July 1, 2014

Using solutions such as SAP HANA to analyze data quickly and meaningfully depends on all departments in an organization being on the same page. Working together to execute quickly on the best possible decisions helps spur innovation. This article takes an in-depth look at the formula winning organizations are taking to find operational excellence, and they can take quick action and adapt to a rapidly increasing pace of change.


The pace of change in business can dismantle companies faster than governance models can track. Traditional corporate governance can also stifle decision making, forcing change agents to go rogue to get the answers needed to make meaningful progress. Effective organizational development requires the ability to quickly turn insights into action, especially in a constantly shifting marketplace due to mergers and acquisitions. 

Organizations growing through expansion or acquisition tend to experience increased data volume and complexity, leading to lengthy report processing times. Companies in industries such as retail are seeing exponential growth in their data warehouses, ranging from enhanced transactional data to mobile device data to customer internet patterns. How do organizations take this vast, diverse set of data and create clear, meaningful insights that will directly affect their profitability curve? It starts by using solutions such as SAP HANA to be able to analyze such data quickly and meaningfully. To do this optimally, you need to get your entire organization on the same page to work together and boost productivity.

How Different Departments Contribute to Decision Making

Innovation is not about unbridled creativity — rather, it is about bringing the right product to the right market at the right time. To do this, different departments must work together to execute quickly on the best possible decisions.

Assuming that all else is equal, productivity improvements in the development organization yield a direct, positive impact on sales. Productivity gains drive faster time to market and enable developers to contribute their maximum effort. To take full advantage of increased productivity, the IT delivery organization must not only keep up with growth demands caused by increasing sales, but also provide to the rest of the business key insights into the true cost of delivery. If delivery can provide accurate, timely information, marketing can harness these insights and data sets to determine which opportunities to pursue in the market.

With the ability to rapidly create, use, and then discard full production copy test environments, developers can test multiple ideas in a fraction of the time and cost previously required. This enables the organization to take advantage of a core tenet of agile and lean thinking: Experimentation drives innovation. Working together, marketing and development can determine which ideas have the greatest opportunity for success and which should be abandoned at an early stage. When a marketing organization provides effective targeting information to the development organization, it enhances the productivity of the development organization, enabling the entire business to design innovative, competitive products and deploy them into the market faster than the competition (see Figure 1).

Agile model for delivering business impact

Figure 1 — Agile model for delivering business impact

Improve Productivity with Operational Excellence

Over the next decade, winning organizations will find operational excellence by capitalizing on three critical actions:

  1. Use technology such as SAP HANA to mine increasingly large data sets to create insights and make effective decisions.  
  2. Take quick action to release new and innovative products, solutions, and services.
  3. Evolve the organization at the pace of change required to effectively enable points one and two.

But don’t just imagine how tomorrow could look. With our consulting and solution experience, Fujitsu and NetApp can help you start building it today.

Frucor Beverages and Revlon Optimize Their Landscapes
with Fujitsu and NetApp Solutions

Markets today are increasingly time-sensitive, so time to insight and time to market are crucial to staying competitive. Frucor Beverages Ltd, one of Australasia’s largest beverage manufacturers and distributors, chose Fujitsu Power Appliance for SAP HANA based on the PRIMERGY server infrastructure to dramatically improve its time to insight. As a result, data loads and calculations run five to 10 times faster, and SAP Business Warehouse queries execute 10 to 100 times faster. Queries that once took 10 hours to complete now finish in as little as six minutes.

Improving productivity and driving operational excellence lay at the heart of Fujitsu and NetApp’s value proposition for SAP customers. This is why Revlon, one of the leading companies in the cosmetics space, leveraged NetApp technology in its SAP NetWeaver environment to achieve 70% faster application deployments. This resulted in a 425% increase in IT project throughput capacity, and the company delivered 99.6% of its projects on time and on budget. This gain in throughput not only benefited IT, but had a tremendous impact on developer productivity, time-to-market advantages, and ultimately, Revlon’s ability to deliver on its overall corporate goals and strategy.

Fujitsu, which has collaborated with SAP for nearly 40 years, enables clients to meet their business objectives through integrated offerings and solutions for a wide variety of technologies, from infrastructure and applications to servers and storage. Our experienced, full-service center of excellence for SAP solutions has a large pool of consultants worldwide, and has performed more than 400 successful engagements — including implementations, rollouts, upgrades, data migrations, and ongoing support.

NetApp creates innovative storage and data management solutions that deliver cost efficiency and accelerate business breakthroughs. The world’s leading companies rely on NetApp’s solutions to achieve better economics, speed, and scale of business.

For more information about how NetApp helps customers around the world go further, faster, visit And for more information about Fujitsu, visit or call 1-877-217-2063.

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SAP HANA Center of Excellence Director

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