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The Road to the Mobile Enterprise

Survey Reveals SAP Customers’ Perceptions and Challenges

by Courtney Bjorlin | SAPinsider, Volume 15, Issue 3

July 1, 2014

In ASUG’s most recent mobility survey, more than 80% of respondents said that they planned to mobilize business processes this year. This article explores the challenges that SAP customers face in order to achieve their mobility aspirations, including integration, costs, and application development and delivery. 


Smartphones have changed the way we interact with each other, as well as how we get information on news, weather, finances, sports scores, and any other number of things in seconds. With mobility changing our personal lives, it is of course no surprise that mobile enterprise software is high on the project agendas of ASUG members.

In our recent ASUG Research Services SAP Mobility survey, a whopping 82% of nearly 300 survey respondents said they had plans to mobilize business processes in at least one area this year.1

So what do SAP customers need to be able to realize those mobile aspirations? Our survey indicated the top challenges are:

  • Getting a better understanding of the total costs associated with mobile projects
  • Prioritizing application development and delivery
  • Deciding whether to build custom applications or deploy ones out of the box
  • Overcoming integration challenges

In response to the survey’s findings, ASUG and SAP worked together to develop education around those questions and challenges. Members of SAP’s mobility leadership team participated in a webcast, revealing key components of their product roadmap and strategy. 

In ASUG’s recent mobility survey, 82% of respondents said they had plans to mobilize business processes in at least one area this year.

Achieving a Better Understanding of SAP’s Mobile Strategy

ASUG members indicated via the survey that they’d like to hear more from other customers about their mobility projects. At the ASUG Annual Conference (co-located with SAPPHIRE NOW) this year, there were nearly 50 customer-led sessions on SAP mobile software projects in which they shared their knowledge, challenges, and successes.

The majority of those surveyed believed that SAP is on par with (43%) or ahead of (16%) other mobile enterprise application vendors. The remaining 41% thought that SAP should add more features to compete with other point-solution mobile vendors.

However, more than half (55%) of those who indicated a very good understanding of SAP’s mobile strategy also believe that SAP is a leader in the mobility market. On the other hand, just 6% of those who said they had a poor understanding of SAP’s mobile strategy stated that SAP is a mobile leader.

Clearly, customers with a better understanding of SAP’s mobile strategy have a more positive impression of that strategy and are confident that SAP is offering them the leading enterprise mobility strategy in the market.

Keeping Pace with the Changing Mobility Market

In all, customers recognize that SAP has a tough gig. Mobility is vastly different than it was three years ago — or even three months ago! Keeping pace with something that seems to change constantly is challenging, to say the least.

But with better information and more recognition of current challenges, customers trust SAP to provide them with a strategy that can keep pace and carry them forward.


1 ASUG members can visit for more information and the full report. [back]

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Courtney Bjorlin, ASUG
Courtney Bjorlin

Content Strategist

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