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All Workflow Task Approvals, Actionable Everywhere

by Dave Cole | SAPinsider, Volume 15, Issue 4

October 1, 2014

Discover how to streamline workflow management with OneList Approvals, available as an iOS, Android, or web-based mobile app. OneList Approvals aggregates workflow tasks from multiple workflow systems so that they can be easily tracked and managed remotely, preventing unnecessary operational delays.


One of the greatest challenges when optimizing business processes is eliminating the bottlenecks caused by delayed approvals. For example, operations may be halted due to a missing part that is critical to production — but executive sign-off is holding up the procurement of the component. This approval may be delayed for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Being out of the office and not having access to the system
  • Challenges and frustrations with using multiple SAP and non-SAP workflow systems
  • Not having the right support documentation to make an informed decision about the approval

In many large organizations, such situations are all too common. This pain is amplified by managers receiving countless emails from a multitude of workflow applications. The managers must not only log into each of these systems, but also remember their complex interfaces, or rely on email and paper documents to access supporting information. Because of these issues, more and more executives are delegating task approvals to administrators.

To solve these problems, companies should roll out an application that provides senior executives with the tools they need to keep approvals moving — and make important business decisions — even when they’re on the go.

A Strong Motivator for Mobilization

OneList Approvals provides an aggregated, actionable listing of all workflow tasks from multiple workflow systems. Accessible on all mobile and desktop devices, OneList Approvals presents information tailored to the organization and the specific scenario at the time of approval. Related information such as team calendar or project budget status is accessible in real time for more informed decision making. Furthermore, if responsible managers are unavailable, they can easily delegate tasks, whether individually or in bulk. These managers can also submit and receive feedback and commentary.

OneList Approvals is available as a native iOS or Android mobile application, or an HTML5-based web application (see Figure 1). Users can also approve offline on the mobile app. And to accommodate users who are accustomed to an email-based approval workflow, there is also an email add-in to house all approval tasks within the email client, replacing inbox email clutter with an up-to-date task list.


Figure 1 — OneList Approvals allows access to task approvals with supporting documentation across a variety of devices, and even offline

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OneList Approvals simplifies and mobilizes workflow to boost productivity and adoption among senior executives. For more information about the solution, visit

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