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Protect Your Company’s Lifeblood

Ensure Your ERP Data Runs Securely and Efficiently

by Mariano Nunez | SAPinsider, Volume 15, Issue 4

October 1, 2014

Threats to mission-critical ERP data are sometimes overlooked, leaving systems exposed to potentially crippling attacks. Learn best practices for safeguarding your SAP ERP systems, including the use of automated assessment and audit solutions.


Business application data circulating throughout ERP systems is the lifeblood of the modern enterprise. But when systems go down and data is lost, many organizations face irrecoverable damages. Surprisingly, threats affecting the ERP application layer are frequently overlooked, leaving systems exposed to malicious attacks that dramatically affect the business. While SAP builds security functions into its platforms, recommends security best practices, and promotes risk-aware end-user training, ERP landscapes are complex and unique to each business, so no critical system can ever support an entire enterprise with complete inherent security. The key is to get proactive and gain insight into what threats may be out there.

Proactively Profile and Mitigate SAP Vulnerabilities

Governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) is a discipline — not an out-of-the-box solution. For this reason, companies often need GRC security vendors to secure the business-critical information managed in their SAP platforms. However, these quick-fix solutions give organizations little control over their own GRC initiatives. Many businesses are now demanding solutions specifically developed to protect SAP systems from vulnerabilities, while also allowing them to proactively manage risk and make long-term compliance decisions.

Automated assessment and audit solutions, such as Onapsis X1, empower security managers to more easily and effectively assess their SAP systems and applications to identify security risks that are most pertinent to their particular organization and industry. Security teams then can manage those risks proactively to eliminate any unacceptable business exposure.

Siemens, a multinational engineering and electronics company, integrated automated assessment technology in its SAP landscape to identify weak spots. “We realized that SAP security is more than just profiles, roles, and access rights, and that we needed to cover SAP vulnerabilities at all layers,” says Robert Ingruber, Senior Information Security Expert for Siemens. “Through automated assessment of our SAP systems we’re now able to detect potential SAP risks — an area that used to be a blind spot. Today we detect and mitigate potential risks in our SAP platform on our own, when previously we were not even aware of the security gaps we were facing. Crucially, management also now understands that SAP systems are not secure by default.”

Automated assessment and audit solutions empower security managers to more easily and effectively assess their SAP systems and applications to identify security risks that are most pertinent to their particular organization and industry.

A Mission to Protect Mission-Critical Data

Onapsis is on a mission to change the way companies secure their mission-critical ERP data. We’re successfully building awareness while eliminating SAP customer pain points — not only by delivering security solutions that safeguard the vital systems and data of many of the world’s largest organizations, but also by furthering research into risks and publishing security advisories on a regular basis.

Onapsis provides automated assessments and audit solutions that detect SAP security risks such as missing SAP security patches, dangerous user authorizations, and insecure interfaces between systems. These solutions enable security and audit teams to continuously monitor, detect, prioritize, and prevent threats to secure business-critical systems through vulnerability, compliance, and risk management.

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Mariano Nunez
Mariano Nunez

Founder and CEO

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