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Where Are Customers in Their SAP HANA Journey?

Survey Shows Customer Success Stories, Adoption Questions

by Courtney Bjorlin | SAPinsider, Volume 15, Issue 4

October 1, 2014

Read about the results of ASUG’s recent survey on SAP HANA adoption and what its implications are for SAP HANA education. Find out what SAP customers who have adopted SAP HANA had to say, and what the non-adopters are waiting for.


SAP customers have heard recommendations from a variety of sources that they should adopt SAP HANA and that it could potentially change the way their business is conducted. But how is this message being received?

To see exactly how SAP customers view this game-changing technology, ASUG con-ducted a survey this spring of nearly 400 SAP customers to see where they stand in terms of SAP HANA adoption.

What Have Been the Drivers for SAP HANA Adoption?

Nearly half of the survey’s respondents have implemented SAP HANA. With most use cases, respondents told us that the performance gains were off the charts — reports that once took days or hours to produce were reduced to seconds.

Customers indicated that SAP HANA helped them build applications that they never thought possible, and handle business processes in new ways.

Surprisingly, performance wasn’t named as the single best reward. When questioned on the business value of SAP HANA, customers said the biggest benefit is that the platform has enabled them to build applications that they never thought possible, and has helped them handle business processes in new ways. In short, they can now accomplish things that simply weren’t possible with the old business intelligence (BI) paradigms.

On the other end of the spectrum, approximately 70% of the respondents who hadn’t yet purchased SAP HANA indicated they hadn’t found the right business case to justify the investment. ASUG has worked with SAP to give customers more insight into the business case journey, including a better understanding of migration roadmaps and software and hardware costs.

Educating Customers

In response to the survey results, SAP acknowledged in our subsequent report that while “we have a global challenge in helping to educate the market about the true value of SAP HANA, it should be noted that SAP HANA education has been in place for more than three years, and the breadth and depth of such education is unprecedented in SAP history.”

By using the data and feedback gathered from the survey, ASUG is working with SAP and customers to increase SAP HANA education. For example, ASUG recently delivered a series of educational resources and webcasts that target some of the biggest SAP HANA challenges and questions that members have voiced.1 

ASUG and SAP will continue to work together to help customers better understand the SAP HANA journey and its value proposition.

1 ASUG members can find these resources at [back]

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