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8 Ways to Fast Value from SAP HANA

New Solutions Help SAP Customers Achieve Maximum Benefits from SAP HANA

by Dave Hannon | insiderPROFILES, Volume 5, Issue 4

September 22, 2014

Fast value Ron Wessels

Hear first-hand from organizations about strategies and best practices for deriving business value from SAP HANA with fast, targeted, and simple rollouts. In this article, several start-up companies share how the SAP Startup Focus program helped provide them with a clear, straightforward path toward SAP HANA business value.


“Companies that have invested in a powerful new technology platform want to expedite their path to business value wherever possible. And when it comes to SAP HANA, there are a number of ways customers can do that,” Ron Wessels, Senior Director for SAP, explains. “Not all paths to business value with SAP HANA require a big-bang rollout. In fact, many of them can be fast, targeted, and simple, without altering existing IT infrastructure.” 
To help these customers gain that additional business value, SAP is encouraging them to take advantage of the SAP HANA-based solutions that have come out of the SAP Startup Focus program, for which Wessels serves as the Global Alliances lead. The program, detailed in SAPinsider in April 2013, has provided more than 1,500 startup companies across 57 countries access to SAP HANA to develop their own unique and creative use cases. Today, there are more than 120 technically validated SAP HANA applications that have been produced in this program — with many more in the pipeline — that are available to customers across many different industries, including transportation, finance, retail, and manufacturing.
“These light and nimble solutions provide customers an easy way to put SAP HANA to use quickly with limited resources,” says Wessels. “At the same time, these validated solutions powered by SAP HANA provide customers the opportunity to do something impactful and gain additional business value from SAP HANA.”
The following eight examples showcase new SAP HANA-based applications that received validation from the SAP Startup Focus program. These solutions will help customers gain a deeper understanding of how to begin leveraging the in-memory platform in an easy and low-risk fashion.


Ron Wessels   

“These light and nimble solutions provide customers an easy way to put SAP HANA to use quickly with limited resources.”

Ron Wessels, Senior Director, SAP

BeyondCore: Self-Service Healthcare Analytics

Based on eight years of R&D, and backed by 10 granted patents, the SAP HANA-based application BeyondCore completely automates healthcare and patient analysis. The FDA and HIPAA-compliant solution’s one-click analysis, instant animated briefings, and guided exploration empower hospital administrators, directors, and CFOs to rapidly make key decisions with more certainty while reducing costs.
The application aims to improve health outcomes and lower costs by helping healthcare decision makers determine exactly what questions to ask, find corresponding predictive and prescriptive answers, interpret healthcare data and graphs quickly and articulately, and identify the potential causes and effects hidden in the data.
SAP customers can benefit from using this application as it reduces costs and identifies which patients are most likely to experience escalating costs. The solution pinpoints the specific high-cost re-admission cases that are most easily avoided, ranks specific actions to reduce costs, and predicts the financial results. In addition, it reduces duration of patient stay with a focus on improving quality of care.

Celonis: SAP Process Mining in Real Time

The SAP HANA-based solution Celonis helps SAP customers make the most of their SAP processes and system performance. It delivers process mining for SAP software by reconstructing the processes in real time based on the digital footprints created by the SAP ERP system. By fully and transparently pairing with SAP components, it automatically extracts live process data out of SAP databases and reproduces it in real-time graphs. Through an intuitive user interface, business users can navigate within the mined process, even without SQL knowledge, to gain real-time insights and instantly analyze the data to identify critical vendors, low value orders, purchase requisition rates, bottlenecks, and overlooked critical fraud patterns.
The business value the application provides to SAP customers is significant. The process mining greatly decreases the time required for analysis, reveals variances, and filters for the segmentation of the processes. With this solution, business users can analyze terabytes of data out of more than 20 SAP systems and monitor processes transparently in real time via visualizations. By identifying critical fraud patterns, businesses can improve their efficiency and compliance and can experience up to a 15% decrease in process costs through a reduction in bottlenecks.

Convergence CT: Advanced Data Exploration for Cancer Patients

Convergence CT is a data warehousing and analytics solution based on SAP HANA that integrates data from disparate systems to provide holistic, direct, interactive exploration of health data at both population and patient levels. The technology is based on proprietary data models and processing methods, as well as knowledge of multinational healthcare environments. The solution delivers a comprehensive record of chronic disease patients’ backgrounds, treatment histories, and outcome data as well as varied analysis at population, facility, physician, and patient levels multi-nationally. It links data on breast cancer patients from separate data systems and generates reports on quality of care — actual vs. standard. The application uses SAP HANA as a database and warehouse to provide granular data mining and statistical analysis while uniting data from isolated sources. It also relies on SAP
BusinessObjects business intelligence (BI) solutions for reporting so that users can rapidly and accurately perform factor and cluster analysis as well as predictive analytics.
This solution provides cancer patients and healthcare institutions a host of benefits. It helps healthcare providers better manage chronic disease patients, and better patient outcomes lead to best practices for future patients. The ability to have direct, real-time access to data exploration leads to faster actionable, time-sensitive decision making and shortened time-to-value cycles. And last, but certainly not least, the application can reduce medical cost for patients and healthcare providers.

ETC Unite: Collective Bargaining Process Improvements

ETC Unite, which is powered by SAP HANA, accelerates and improves the collective bargaining process for airlines and labor unions. The solution allows unions and management to negotiate in real time, resolve hypotheticals, and work through various complex scenarios. The application transforms collective bargaining with data science by putting up a trust wall that allows management and unions to work with the same data and maintain both private and shared views during real-time negotiations. Unions and management can collaboratively design and build computational dashboards and interactive data visualizations using a simple drag-and-drop interface. ETC Unite will select layouts for the essential elements that negotiators will use and provides for real-time collaboration with what-if scenarios for rapid resolution.
Businesses find value with the solution because it aligns them with their labor unions. It allows all parties to work together to reduce costs and increase efficiencies, to quickly access and visualize the financial impact of decisions with an unprecedented level of granularity, and to rapidly and collaboratively arrive at fair and equitable consensus to myriad collective bargaining challenges.

Flutura Asset 360: Advanced Intuitive Predictive Maintenance

Flutura Asset 360 is an SAP HANA-based predictive maintenance and asset optimization solution that integrates seamlessly with existing maintenance systems and device sensors to provide an intelligent sensory layer that predicts asset failure based on use rather than age. It integrates with massive numbers of data streams in real time, including internal and external sources, both human- and machine-generated. It monitors system health, eliminates troubleshooting by systematically identifying the root cause of an issue, and enables proactive rather than reactive maintenance. With its high-performance user interface, Flutura Asset 360 generates instinctive alerts, benchmarks for performance comparison and simulation, and custom visualizations based on users and roles.
The solution aims to reduce annual maintenance costs by 60%, improve device performance and life cycle, eliminate unplanned outages to reduce potential revenue loss, reduce downtime and operational costs, and improve productivity.

imaginestics VizSeek: Reusing Historical Supplier Data to Search for Products

imaginestics has developed VizSeek shape-search software to enable manufacturers to search for products and suppliers using shape similarity algorithms, so companies can reuse historical supplier data for smarter decisions. The technology, which is powered by SAP HANA, is based on proprietary non-statistical shape-based algorithms developed over a decade of research.
The solution identifies suppliers using visual input data (such as 3D models, 2D drawings, or images), quickly and efficiently finds similar products, and associates historical data to understand trends and costs, or consolidate future purchases. It leverages information from multiple disparate systems, using key attributes to consolidate the information in meaningful user views. The application integrates with all other leading software and systems, and it allows for smarter procurement decisions by displaying all relevant product and supplier attributes, historically and currently. The business value that VizSeek provides is that it rapidly identifies similar products for reuse, including design cost and manufacturing information, which lowers costs. It also identifies qualified suppliers in existing supply chains to avoid new supplier qualification costs. Other benefits are that the application frees up valuable and costly resources and can be quickly deployed and scaled.

NexVisionIX: Analytics for Increased Retail Profitability

SAP HANA-based NexVisionIX provides retailers with a real-time solution that combines planning, analytics, and execution within the same application to solve retailers’ biggest workflow, visibility, and business challenges. It delivers game plans for a quick, agile, and intuitive workflow process and pre-built analytical models that combine planning and analytical frameworks and cover cross-functional decision making.
The application builds effective campaigns and marketing with customer-oriented assortments, and it drives business goals by generating alerts, insights, decisions, and actions for each key role. The predictive analytics provided by NexVisionIX help retail businesses solve problems by using store clustering, customer behavioral segmentation, forecasting, campaign responses, and stock status.
The solution helps companies in the retail industry with daily and seasonal decision making by providing real-time responses as needed. It delivers merchandising analytics and efficiencies across sales, products, and time periods, and it provides instant reports and visibility across merchandise performance, seller, and vendor analysis. The application brings about a rapid return on investment for businesses as it provides insights into point-of-sale data and daily sales numbers, amplifies cross-channel conversions, and drives cross- and up-sell initiatives with better strategies.

Warwick Analytics: Root-Cause Analysis for Manufacturing

Warwick Analytics has developed automated root-cause analysis software powered by SAP HANA for resolving manufacturing and maintenance faults. It can be used on SAP HANA as an early warning and prevention system (EWAP), known as SigmaGuardian. The solution pinpoints causes of issues so the root causes of the faults and problems can be resolved quickly and efficiently in near real time. It integrates with other leading software systems, works with incomplete data (non-statistical algorithms), and provides an early warning system to limit the impact of failures and bottlenecks.
The application benefits manufacturing companies by reducing downtime and freeing up valuable resources, which is a clear cost reduction. It also reduces the cost of poor quality for manufacturing to help approach zero defects. The predictive and preventive maintenance that it provides helps companies avoid and reduce the impact of product recalls. Additionally, it allows users to perform instant cause/correlation analytics on warranty claims.

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