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From Business Enablers to Business Catalysts: CFOs Are Empowered by SAP Simple Finance

by Ken Todd and Juan Carlos Martinez-Gil | SAPinsider, Volume 16, Issue 2

April 1, 2015

Finance departments are currently evolving as the business world is becoming increasingly digital. For many in finance, however, this evolution is being held back by complex technology landscapes and disparate ERP systems. Discover how your company can make the move to intuitive, modern finance with SAP Simple Finance.


With businesses becoming increasingly digital, the role of finance departments is changing dramatically, and CFOs have an unprecedented opportunity to become business catalysts within their organizations. Finance departments are now expected to go beyond their traditional governance roles to actually engage in strategic decision making, and CFOs everywhere are looking for new ways to unlock innovation and growth.

However, many CFOs’ transformation agendas are held back by their companies’ complex technology landscapes and disparate ERP systems, which often render efficient closing and reporting impossible within expected business timelines. These cumbersome systems hamper the management of working capital and make it difficult for finance departments to get instantaneous and reliable figures about profit and loss or actual versus forecasted budgets. Moreover, they impede finance departments’ flexibility to innovate in a world in which on-demand reporting is now a requirement.

Cumbersome systems hamper the management of working capital and make it difficult for finance departments to get instantaneous and reliable data.

Real-Time Insights and User-Friendly Analytics

SAP Simple Finance and Capgemini’s digital and finance transformation expertise offer a solution to these problems. SAP Simple Finance provides finance departments with access to real-time insights and user-friendly analytics from a variety of data sources. Part of SAP Business Suite 4 SAP HANA (SAP S/4HANA), SAP Simple Finance is easy to use and simple to adopt, enabling intuitive reporting via a user-friendly, mobile-ready interface. SAP Simple Finance’s instant insight modernizes and automates processes, drives more robust data models using real-time information, and allows for more strategic decision making to put the CFO firmly in the driver’s seat when it comes to organizational transformation.

Making Finance Easier

As its name indicates, SAP Simple Finance is designed to be headache-free, and Capgemini’s Financials EDGE and industry-specific SAP solutions are designed to make the move to SAP Simple Finance even easier, in any industry. Pre-configured and SAP-certified, Capgemini’s Financials EDGE and sector-specific SAP offerings accelerate the move to SAP Simple Finance by leveraging configuration templates based on finance and industry best practices. They draw on Capgemini’s industry and financial expertise to reduce the complexity inherent in moving to any new technology, and because they’re accelerators, they offer significant cost savings.

Whether your organization is a retail or utilities company, and whether you’re present in one country or around the world, Capgemini can help you maximize the value of SAP Simple Finance. No matter where you are in your journey to empower your finance teams, Capgemini can assist at all stages of the process, including developing a strong business case, devising a strategy that will create long-term business value, or managing technical aspects such as application rationalization, harmonization, and consolidation.

Delivering SAP HANA Globally

Since launching initiatives in 2011 as a first mover in the SAP HANA space, Capgemini has led the way in delivering innovative SAP HANA projects for companies in a variety of industries around the world. Capgemini has supported these deliveries with global delivery capability enabled by an SAP HANA Center of Excellence and a worldwide force of SAP HANA experts. Capgemini was also the first company to develop solutions specifically for SAP HANA and won the 2014 SAP Pinnacle Award for SAP HANA Adoption Partner of the Year.1 To begin the journey to intuitive, modern finance, consider SAP Simple Finance. For more information, visit



1 See the article “Top SAP Partners Help Customers Run Simpler” by Steve Graham in the October-December 2014 issue of SAPinsider.

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Ken Todd
Ken Todd

North America SAP Finance Leader

Juan Carlos Martinez Gil
Juan Carlos Martinez-Gil

SAP HANA Leader, Continental Europe

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