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Boost SAP HANA with Integrated Infrastructure and Flexible Cloud Solutions

by Rick Speyer | SAPinsider, Volume 16, Issue 2

April 1, 2015

Companies are seeing benefits from their SAP HANA implementations and it is an opportune time to look into how they can leverage their investment further. Read this article to see how you can implement solutions through a variety of deployment options that bring out the best in SAP HANA and use the convenience of the cloud to optimize processes throughout the company.


With the maturation of SAP HANA and the cloud, companies are seeing the benefits of in-memory computing and big data throughout their businesses. But they’re also seeing opportunities to achieve additional value by using simplified solutions that integrate SAP systems and storage components to improve their architecture. And they can also pursue additional solutions that can be deployed in a variety of ways to bring out the best in SAP HANA and use the convenience of the cloud to increase utilization throughout their enterprise.

Cisco and SAP have worked together to provide a proven, certified architecture for SAP HANA and to reduce the cost and risk of solution deployments. Cisco Powered Cloud Cell Architecture for SAP HANA integrates SAP components with virtualization and storage solutions as well as Cisco’s integrated management and infrastructure offerings.

Based on Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS), the solution is an intelligent infrastructure that unifies computing, networking, and storage access, and configures these layers through the integrated, model-based management of Cisco UCS Manager. Server identity, personality, and input/output connectivity is abstracted, enabling server, networking, and storage resources to be recognized and automatically placed into resource pools, where they wait to be deployed.

Companies can deploy solutions in a variety of ways to bring out the best in SAP HANA and use the convenience of the cloud to increase utilization throughout their enterprise.

Streamlined Cloud Solution Management

Regardless of the storage, operating system, or virtualization solution chosen, Cisco has the management component, Cisco UCS Manager, needed to configure, automate, and orchestrate the entire cloud solution.

In addition, Cisco Advanced Services can help implement and tune cloud services to reduce risk and complexity, and manage project schedules to help ensure success. Cisco can help install and configure cloud solutions, including cell and network design and deployment with Cisco automation. Cisco Advanced Services offerings include:

  • Planning, design, implementation, and operation services for the cloud
  • Planning, design, build, customization, and end-to-end testing services to deploy SAP HANA as a service
  • Project management and operations services
  • A variety of deployment options including sales portal, applications, databases, application orchestration, infrastructure management, and operating system virtualization
Solution Deployment Options Tailored to Your Needs

Cisco offers a variety of solutions you can use with SAP HANA. First among those are standalone appliances, which come in a variety of sizes and can be dropped into your existing data center easily. Another solution deployment option is SAP HANA tailored data center integration. With this deployment model, you can use your shared enterprise networking and storage resources when deploying your SAP HANA computing nodes on Cisco UCS. This integration increases the utilization of your resources and reduces the capital costs required to implement SAP HANA by letting you simply add Cisco UCS to your existing data center infrastructure. SAP HANA tailored data center integration is supported in bare-metal computing deployments with shared storage and shared networking resources, and in deployments with a combination of bare metal and virtualized computing with shared Cisco Integrated Management offerings.

Then there are multitenant cloud and hybrid solutions. Cisco’s cloud solutions, whether private or hybrid, combine the bare metal and virtualized computing of SAP HANA tailored data center integration with shared networking and storage resources. This offers multitenant, automated, end-to-end management and provisioning with links to Cisco Intercloud Fabric. In turn, you can work with your customers to build secure hybrid clouds and extend your reach into the enterprise data center while maintaining consistent network and security policies.

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