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Emphasize the "What" over the "How"

Cloud Solutions Allow You to Focus on Functionality Instead of Technology

by Wolfgang Hopfes | SAPinsider, Volume 16, Issue 2

April 1, 2015

With today’s proliferation of technology like cloud solutions, in-memory computing, and social media, simple off-the-shelf applications are no longer sufficient. Services must be customized to fit individual needs and the focus needs to be on the outcome (the “what”) over the technical components of the solutions (the “how”). Discover how third-party cloud solutions can help you better align IT to respond to business needs.


Cloud services have the potential to remove many constraints associated with traditional IT, enabling IT to become a more effective and responsive business service and source of innovation. This may hold especially true for SAP customers: A recent survey based on interviews with more than 400 SAP customers revealed that almost 60% of respondents see the need to better align IT to respond to business needs.1 And for those considering an SAP HANA deployment but lacking the  necessary skills and experience in their organizations, this need is even greater.

Enterprises and public organizations typically require services beyond what is merely delivered off the shelf. Services must be customized to fit individual demands, which vary across organizations and departments. For example, the availability requirement regarding the materials management (MM) component of SAP ERP is normally higher than that of the personnel development component of SAP ERP Human Capital Management.

Cloud services, such as Fujitsu Cloud for SAP solutions, allow customers to focus on the “what” — the quantitative and qualitative individual service requirements — as opposed to the “how” — the ins and outs of the technology. 

A Renewed Focus on Strategy

A classic IT project decision still exists today: Do you take a self-made approach to a technology solution, or do you hire outside services (see Figure 1)?

With the cloud, the services option is now much more beneficial than it was in the past. The most striking contrast between the two is that cloud services allow you to think about the required outcome. When selecting outside cloud services for your organization, it is important to consider issues such as which SAP applications and databases you want to have available in the cloud, and what level of availability and performance will be required to optimally support different business processes.

With Fujitsu Cloud for SAP solutions, Fujitsu has developed exacting standards and detailed processes based on all relevant SAP certifications and more than 40 years of expertise in traditional SAP applications and, more recently, SAP HANA. This enables us to offer cloud services that meet the parameters individually set for each SAP environment, all in the most cost-efficient way. In this way, while we focus on the “how,” our customers can focus on the “what.”

Cloud Special Report - Fujitsu

Figure 1 — The Fujitsu view on usage of outside services versus self-made approaches

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As the world’s fourth-largest IT services provider and Japan’s number-one information and communications technology (ICT) company, Fujitsu has the resources and experience needed to ensure that your cloud journey becomes both successful and predictable. For more than a decade, we have been creating the building blocks for cloud computing, investing heavily in cloud-based development on a global scale. We have created some of the world’s largest and most advanced cloud environments for both commercial and government organizations, giving customers confidence in our ability to deliver vital cloud services.

For more information, see how one of our customers benefits from Fujitsu cloud services at


1 “The Fujitsu KISS Report on SAP Projects: ‘Keeping IT Simplified and Streamlined’ to Maximize the Business Value of SAP Applications and SAP HANA” (November 2014; [back]

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Wolfgang Hopfes
Wolfgang Hopfes

Director, SAP Go-to-Market

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