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Plan Simpler with a Future-Oriented Cloud Application

How SAP Cloud for Planning Is Designed for People — Not Technology

by Karuna Mukherjea | SAPinsider, Volume 16, Issue 2

April 2, 2015

Up-to-date, accurate data and analysis is fundamental to the financial planning that organizations rely on to conduct their business, but complex systems and interfaces have long made this a challenge. Read this article to learn how SAP Cloud for Planning — a software-as-a-service solution based on SAP HANA Cloud Platform — minimizes the complexity of financial planning and analysis with a collaborative, high-performing, user-centered approach that enables data-driven decision making.


Financial planning has long been plagued by complex systems that cannot interface or provide the right data to produce meaningful analysis. Users have developed workarounds, but struggle to be confident that the data is accurate or up to date. Finance users in particular have leaned too heavily on the familiar Microsoft Excel, but it is not a suitable solution for the time-, data-, and process-intensive function of planning.

SAP has released SAP Cloud for Planning, a brand-new software-as-a-service (SaaS) application rethought and redesigned with the user in mind. SAP Cloud for Planning unifies the planning and analysis efforts of users under one solution, with a modern design that balances a simple interface and powerful functionality in the cloud. And with the backing of SAP HANA Cloud Platform, which provides real-time planning and analysis capabilities at the speed of thought and at a lower cost and smaller data footprint, users can achieve new levels of innovation, extend investments, and adapt business processes faster than ever.

Designed Around the User

SAP Cloud for Planning is a user-centered solution that helps simplify financial planning and analysis and eliminates the need for multiple tools, bringing analysis into the context of planning — where it belongs. This allows finance and other line-of-business professionals to minimize the complexity of their planning processes and quickly integrate corporate and divisional plans to enable data-driven decision making. The solution differentiates itself through three key characteristics:

  • User-centered: It is designed with business users in mind, with simplified planning functionality, self-service visualization features, and embedded collaboration capabilities. Event-driven calendar functionality is embedded, representing a new paradigm for planning applications.
  • Future-oriented: The solution is part of a new generation of enterprise performance management tools in the cloud with a modern look and feel. Built on SAP HANA Cloud Platform, it works how and when you need it, and can keep up with the accelerating pace of business.
  • Analytics-embedded: Functionality such as embedded personalized analytics, in-context analysis, Hichert methodology, and collaboration are included to enable the natural flow of planning and analysis. And multiple users can simultaneously plan and simulate at any level of detail, allowing them to analyze and collaborate on information in the proper context.

Redesigned for the modern business user, SAP Cloud for Planning appeals to users across the SAP adoption curve. Long-standing SAP customers and net-new customers alike can get up and running quickly with a future-oriented planning and analysis application that performs as expected — no matter how many users are in the system or the level of detail required. And SAP customers that are running SAP Business Planning and Consolidation can leverage bidirectional integration between the two solutions for a hybrid approach.

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Karuna Mukherjea
Karuna Mukherjea

Karuna Mukherjea ( is a Senior Director of Product Marketing in SAP’s Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) team, leading the product marketing for SAP Cloud for Planning. She has extensive experience with finance and EPM applications. Karuna specifically focuses on new technologies such as cloud and mobility and how they relate to EPM and finance applications. She is a regular speaker at SAP events and other industry marketing events and webinars. Prior to joining SAP, she spent a decade at Oracle, where she was responsible for product management and strategy of BI applications for finance organizations. She holds advanced degrees in accounting and finance.

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