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The Next Generation of Customer Engagement

Simple, Meaningful, Seamless, and Personal

by Johann Wrede | SAPinsider, Volume 16, Issue 2

April 2, 2015

Faced with a new generation of savvy customers demanding a responsive and relevant experience, on their terms and across every touchpoint, companies must find a way to meet these expectations. This is precisely what the customer engagement and commerce portfolio of solutions from SAP and hybris, an SAP company, is designed to deliver. This article explains how the balance of power has shifted into customers' hands, and how the right solutions can help you successfully navigate this new playing field.


In an era when high expectations meet high speed, businesses must embrace a new level of proactive interaction with their customers. This is precisely what the customer engagement and commerce portfolio of solutions from SAP and hybris, an SAP company, are designed to deliver. This innovative portfolio is transforming the business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) marketplaces to be responsive and contextually relevant to every customer, on their terms.

SAP’s goal is to help businesses better engage their customers, using technologies that integrate with existing back-office systems to provide a simple, seamless customer experience across the enterprise. The articles in this special report examine how SAP and hybris put this philosophy into action.

Jamie Anderson’s overview, “Staying a Step Ahead,” explores how shifting customer expectations have driven the need for a new kind of technology that uses context, integration, and an omnichannel model to deliver a consistent and compelling customer experience across all modes of communication.

In “Gain a Single View of the Customer Journey,” Nayaki Nayyar highlights how the cloud allows companies to deploy a software-as-a-service (SaaS)  solution — SAP Cloud for Customer — that enables a real-time, company-wide customer engagement platform across all channels. Using examples, she explains how capturing customer details across every touchpoint empowers companies to better understand their customers, and in turn enhance their services and increase sales.

Next, in “Real-Time Insight into Customer Intent,” Bernard Chung discusses the concept of contextual marketing — an approach that relies on an understanding of the customer’s intent at the moment of engagement — and looks at how the SAP hybris Marketing solution helps businesses harness this approach to deliver a personalized experience for customers across channels. He walks through the functionality of this solution, and details how companies can leverage its capabilities to market with speed, agility, and accuracy to an audience of one.

Finally, in “Synchronized, Customer-Centric Engagement,” Eric Marotta and Ana Milevskaja delve into the new reality for B2B organizations — the expectation of a B2C experience — and how the SAP hybris Commerce solution enables organizations to adopt a customer-centric, omnichannel approach. They outline the key features of the solution and, using real-world examples, demonstrate how a focused, modern commerce experience across all touchpoints helps organizations transform their relationships with customers.

Together, these articles chronicle the realities of a market that has moved beyond the “command-and-control” customer relationship management (CRM) approaches of the past toward a model that encompasses each and every touchpoint a customer uses. With an understanding of how the balance of power has shifted into customer hands, and of how the right kind of technology can help you successfully navigate this new playing field, you will have a significant opportunity in front of you to separate yourself from the pack. Seize it.

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Johann Wrede, SAP
Johann Wrede

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Global Marketing for Customer Engagement and Commerce

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