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Take Your Enterprise to the Cloud

How SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud Allows You to Explore the Cloud and Big Data Analytics

by Stephen Spears | SAPinsider, Volume 16, Issue 1

January 1, 2015

It is no secret that companies are moving more and more solutions to the cloud — and doing so quickly. Combine that proliferation of the cloud with the in-memory power of SAP HANA, and you have a cloud offering that is piquing the interest of both existing and new SAP customers: SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud. This new recurring column is devoted to explaining what SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud is and what it means for your business — regardless of your current SAP implementation.


Speed and agility are critical in today’s fast-moving business environment, and an organization’s infrastructure must reflect this dynamic. This helps explain why SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud has received such a positive response in the 18 months since its release: It has already attracted more than 200 customers worldwide from a wide range of industries, and interest is increasing globally. 

What Is SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud?

Simply put, SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud is a way for companies to run SAP HANA — and the solutions powered by SAP HANA — in a managed, enterprise-class cloud, supporting agility, speed, and innovation. Today, companies have short windows of opportunity to reach their objectives. SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud enables organizations to achieve business objectives, exceed performance, and explore transformative opportunities without the time requirements of bringing on-premise systems in line with their objectives.

Beginning the Journey to the Cloud

SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud is a private managed cloud offering and is currently one of SAP’s fastest-growing cloud businesses. We believe strong customer interest is confirmation that our customers are ready to take those first steps in bringing their enterprise applications to the cloud. Our SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud customers are experiencing immediate benefits, including reduced complexity in their IT landscape, and increased time to value for their most strategic projects. Many customers are also keen to use this opportunity to partner closely with us to ensure they make the most of their investment in our leading-edge SAP HANA platform.
The ability to have SAP run SAP solutions is really what excites customers and distinguishes SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud from other managed service providers. The fact that SAP manages the infrastructure and operates SAP HANA offers peace of mind that other vendors cannot match. Leveraging the expertise of the company that actually developed the technology is an attractive value-add for a significant portion of the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud customer base.

Giving Customers Choice

SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud gives customers flexibility and choice. Customers can choose to leverage previously purchased perpetual licenses or to consume SAP HANA and the solutions that run on SAP HANA in SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, completely through a pay-as-you-go subscription model.
Every day, we hear from more and more customers that are ready to shift to a pure operating expense (OPEX) model rather than using capital expense (CAPEX) dollars on perpetual licenses and hardware. Now this barrier to entry is removed.
Also, moving to the cloud does not mean customers have to give up what makes them unique. In fact, customers can bring their custom applications, transactions, and setups to SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud. Even more fundamental, customers can bring their specific SAP footprint, including customizations, to SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud.

Moving to the cloud does not mean customers have to give up what makes them unique. In fact, customers can bring their custom applications, transactions, and setups to SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud.

A Clear Path to SAP HANA

The trend toward managed cloud services is gaining momentum, and SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud is positioned to meet this uptick in demand. Examples of customers adopting SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud to solve a wide range of business needs include:

  • A sports association is deploying SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) on SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud to enable targeted campaigns for event ticketing. The cloud deployment enables a fast, scalable implementation for a process that is central to improving the fan experience. 
  • An automotive manufacturer is revamping its SAP ERP systems to simplify end-to-end processes, reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), and position its business for accelerated growth. With SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, the company is able to proceed in a step-by-step manner, starting with addressing the mandatory compliance of HR processes and then expanding to integration with finance, materials management, and other lines of business. 
  • A fashion retailer is deploying SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence solutions on SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud to support real-time forecasting — vital for growth in a business with short product life cycles and thousands of items. SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud will enable this global retailer to streamline all its processes as it moves its complex on-premise systems to a highly integrated cloud deployment.  

These examples illustrate how eager companies are to reduce complexity and manage cost. SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud underpins SAP’s objective to run simple to ensure customer success.
SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud has also been an attractive option for net-new SAP customers — including small and medium-sized enterprises — that are interested in using a new SAP ERP instance on SAP HANA without ever procuring hardware. And, SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud leverages SAP Rapid Deployment solutions as the integrated delivery approach to quickly and affordably deploy SAP solutions at a low service-to-software ratio. 

SAP HANA Made Simple

With more than 4,600 customers, it is hard to believe that SAP HANA is not yet four years old. Now SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud makes it easier for customers to experience the business benefits of running SAP solutions on SAP HANA in the cloud. 
In the coming issues of this magazine, we will share customer success stories to explore in more depth how SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud offers a clear path toward agility, innovation, and simplicity to help organizations better position themselves for opportunities to transform their business.

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Stephen Spears
Stephen Spears

Stephen Spears ( is the senior vice president of SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud. In this capacity, Stephen oversees the sales and go-to-market strategy for SAP’s enterprise-grade, private cloud offering that is designed to take SAP’s legacy on-premise customers into the cloud.

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