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Making Disruption a Positive Force for Your Business

How to Lead in a Period of Constant Change

by Geoff Scott | SAPinsider, Volume 17, Issue 2

April 26, 2016

The modern enterprise is going through a previously unforeseen level of digital transformation that threatens to disrupt every aspect of enterprise technology. The enterprise that doesn’t adapt will be overwhelmed by this disruption, but the strategic enterprise will be able to take advantage of it and climb to new heights. So how can companies harness this disruptive change? Read about how you can help pull your enterprise through the digital disruption and turn technological changes into business opportunities.

The modern enterprise is going through a previously unforeseen level of digital transformation. This enterprise knows no walls, operates across a dizzying array of devices, and runs all the time — in an instant. As a result, the relationship between businesses and customers is changing at a pace never before experienced. This relationship is more connected, more transactional, more knowledge-based, more electronic, and more real-time — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

So as people think about their jobs, companies, and industries, they must consider what this new world means to them: How do companies harness this disruptive change — and not fear it?

The Challenge

Of course, all change is disruptive. But this wave of change feels very different from anything else: It is pervasive and nothing is immune. This is why at ASUG’s annual volunteer kick-off meeting, I presented a challenge to the volunteers in attendance: There is a certain type of person who will carry organizations through these changes. That person doesn’t shun hard work. That person is a connector. That person is a problem solver. That person is driven by the belief that he or she has a responsibility to contribute time and talent to build communities and to solve problems — is that person you?

Now, I’m directing that challenge to the rest of the customer base. Turn this change into your competitive advantage; make disruption a positive force for your business.

There is a certain type of person who will carry organizations through these changes — is that person you?

The Original Disruptors

ASUG has been around for 25 years, and our members were the original disruptors. There are so many first adopters in our ranks — those who have been willing to work through the ups and downs of business transformation, driven by a belief that it could make a difference.

But this phase we’re in now could be our toughest task yet. Those of you who think, “Digital disruption and transformation is above my pay grade,” or worse, deny or ignore what’s happening, are selling yourselves short and jeopardizing your relevance to your businesses. It is imperative you address this new wave of change early and leverage all the resources at your disposal.

Don’t Go It Alone

At ASUG, we have an impressive technology user community focused on one of the best enterprise software companies. This is the year of digital transformation for ASUG, and we encourage other organizations to take the same initiative. Last year, our theme was “Work Better Connected.” This year’s theme is “Work Better Disrupted.”

But disruption isn’t a lonely process — it’s borne out of collaboration. That spirit of collaboration applies not only to leveraging the community to help solve the problems you find at work, but also actively seeking out new solutions together. If there is incomplete information or a question that needs to be answered, you must work together to find solutions and share that information with each other. After all, you could just be the person who leads your company through its digital transformation.

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