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Achieve the Next Step in Your Digital Vision with Cloud-Based Smart Applications

by Vishal Awasthi | SAPinsider, Volume 17, Issue 3

August 3, 2016

For companies hoping to advance further along their digital transformation, smart applications can be a powerful advantage. Such applications are fast, easy to use, and powerful — and many of them have machine-learning capabilities that help them perform better as time goes on. Moreover, they are cloud-based and can be rolled out almost immediately on SAP HANA Cloud Platform. Read on to discover how your organization can benefit from these innovative applications.   

For companies looking to achieve the next step in their digital vision, the cloud-based smart applications that are available on SAP HANA Cloud Platform provide an ideal solution. These applications can be quickly rolled out to users even before a full business suite migration to SAP HANA, which means they can be strategically used to add new capabilities and address key business pain points in existing SAP environments.

Because the applications run on a cloud-based, in-memory platform, users can benefit immediately from the applications’ modern user interface, powerful computing capabilities, and seamless integration with on-premise systems. They are faster and are easier to use, deploy, and maintain than legacy solutions.

A Multitude of Benefits

These smart applications are fast — able to capture, present, and process transactional, analytical, predictive, and streaming data simultaneously — because they benefit from the power of the SAP HANA database and the platform’s ability to scale. Some applications, over time, can become even more efficient by using “smart” machine-learning techniques to continuously improve and refine behavior based on users’ real-time choices. With these smart applications in place, organizations not only can automate the repetitive manual work that is done by users, but they also can gradually improve existing processes to maximize the speed of their business.

Smart applications available on SAP HANA Cloud Platform are easy to use, deploy, and maintain.

The applications are also easy to use. The modern, responsive user interface built on SAP Fiori gives users seamless access to innovative new business capabilities across web and mobile platforms. Organizations can use these cloud-based applications to quickly extend and improve processes, giving users the new capabilities they need or immediate relief from critical business pain points without jeopardizing the stability of their existing processes and SAP systems.

As the applications are cloud based, they are easy to deploy. Cloud-based applications reduce the degree of IT complexity involved with rolling out new capabilities to users and provide organizations with a faster time to value. The cloud-based applications can be deployed to thousands of users in a matter of days, whereas deploying a similar on-premise, web, or mobile solution to the same number of users can take weeks or months.

They are also easy to maintain. SAP HANA Cloud Platform is seamlessly integrated with on-premise systems, so the applications leverage existing system configurations and security settings, significantly simplifying ongoing management of the applications.

Spurring Innovation with Smart Applications

Several cloud-based smart applications exist on the market already, including Dolphin Advanced Approvals. This application makes it possible for business users to quickly verify and approve accounts payable invoices from a web or mobile device. In today’s busy, distributed workforce, the ability to quickly roll out such a solution to thousands of users can save companies millions of dollars. This faster, smarter invoice-approval and exception-handling application can significantly reduce overall processing cycle time and processing costs, giving organizations greater control over invoice payments and cash flow. 

As more cloud-based smart applications become available, organizations should look for ways users can benefit from the speed, modern and responsive user interface, and easy deployment made available by these solutions. By strategically deploying the applications that work best for their business needs, organizations can leverage SAP HANA Cloud Platform to increase the pace of innovation and help them achieve the next step in their digital vision.

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Vishal Awasthi
Vishal Awasthi

Chief Technology Officer
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