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Meet the Needs of the Digital Employee

Customizing Your SAP SuccessFactors Environment to Optimize User Experience and Performance

by Jan Redmond and Peter Speleers | SAPinsider, Volume 17, Issue 3

August 3, 2016

Human resources (HR) is at a turning point, and traditional methods of human resource management are no longer adequate. To attract and retain the workers needed for a digital enterprise, companies must provide HR experiences that are intuitive, simple, and collaborative. Learn how you can deliver on these requirements by supporting a transformation to digital HR with innovative solutions and a strategic collaboration with a trusted partner. 

Human resources (HR) is at a turning point, and traditional methods of attracting, hiring, and retaining employees with the right skills and competencies are no longer adequate. Just as today’s businesses are transforming into digital enterprises, employees are becoming “digital employees.”

They are demanding a digital workplace experience that’s just as intuitive, streamlined, and efficient as the digital technologies they use at home. Social media, self-service technologies, and mobile apps are the norm for today’s employees, and when they face slow, difficult, or antiquated systems in the workplace, they grow frustrated. Today’s most valued employees are demanding a digital workplace experience.

Delivering on these demands to attract and retain the right people is critical for enabling business success in the digital economy. After all, it is the people that make a business more agile and more competitive — and ultimately, more successful.

Building a Digital HR Platform

To engage the people who will bring your business success, it is important to develop and maintain a truly integrated approach to digital HR. This means enabling employees to access HR functions in easier and more intuitive ways, such as:

  • Social media tools: Allow employees to leverage social media to connect with their teammates and foster collaboration across the organization.
  • Mobile applications: Provide employees highly connected and highly personalized mobile working environments. This enables them to perform their best work when it’s most convenient for them. 
  • Enterprise-wide knowledge sharing: Enable digital knowledge sharing to improve the efficiency of employee training and learning, empowering employees to advance their skills on their own time.
  • Efficient payroll and benefits management: Provide your employees with self-service portals for checking their pay and benefits, cutting down on administrative tasks for HR while empowering users. 
  • Streamlined administrative processes: Streamline processes by delivering them on a single platform. This can dramatically reduce inefficiencies for both employees trying to access services and HR administrators trying to provide them.

So how do you go about implementing these capabilities? Advanced tools such as SAP SuccessFactors solutions are an excellent place to start. Every capability listed here can be powered by an SAP SuccessFactors offering. The solutions available are comprehensive and expansive, so businesses that wish to truly embrace the demands of digital employees can do so by adopting the SAP SuccessFactors solutions that meet their needs.   

A digital approach to HR is a big step for organizations — and taking such a big step alone rarely leads to success.

Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

As is the case with any new technology, it’s easier to enjoy the full benefits of SAP SuccessFactors solutions when they are tailored to the specific needs of your business. And the best way to tailor your solutions and ensure successful implementation is by working with a trusted strategic partner.

A digital approach to HR is a big step for organizations — and taking such a big step alone rarely leads to success. With nearly 18,000 practitioners and 40 years of corporate experience, Capgemini can give you the advice you need to succeed. We can work with your organization to ensure your SAP SuccessFactors solutions are as unique as your company and your people, enabling them to be true digital employees. To learn more about how you can successfully revolutionize your HR processes, contact us at or

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Jan Redmond
Jan Redmond

SAP HR Capability Lead, North America

Peter Peleers
Peter Speleers

SAP SuccessFactors Center of Excellence, Europe

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