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Why Real-Time Analytics? Think Swimsuits

Making Real-Time Business a Reality for Large Enterprises

by Bill Dunmire | SAPinsider, Volume 17, Issue 3

August 3, 2016

Imagine you could see what and where customers are buying, when they are buying. Or view your pipeline, inventory, supply chain, and financials with up-to-the-second accuracy. To become a real-time business, you must eliminate the delay between when analytic data is captured and what’s taking place now. SAP HANA makes this possible. Learn how to make real-time a reality for business line managers in your large enterprise and gain competitive advantage.

Pool parties. Sun-swept beaches. Boating. When summer arrives, consumers flock to the water — and to shopping for new summer attire. But what will be the hot item in retailers’ lines this year?

Consider a business line manager for a large clothing retailer who is assessing women’s swimsuit sales. It’s mid-June and sales data for May is now available. The popular color so far appears to be white, so the manager doubles orders for white from her swimsuit suppliers and cuts back on other colors.

What the business line manager doesn’t know is that a popular celebrity posted her picture to Instagram five days earlier wearing a light blue swimsuit — and this sends sales of light blue swimwear spiking up. As a result, the manager will later have to discount white swimsuits while losing sales of light blue due to inventory shortage. If only her analysis was based on real-time data so that tens of thousands of lost profit could be avoided. 

Eliminate Delays in Data Capture and Decision Making

To become a real-time business, you must eliminate the delay between when analytic data is captured and what’s taking place now. SGI helps make this possible with SAP HANA, SAP’s breakthrough in-memory computing platform, at near-limitless scale and mission-critical reliability.

Providing a scale-up, single-node system with unparalleled in-memory computing capacity, the SGI UV 300H server enables you to run business-critical applications — including SAP Business Suite, SAP Bank Analyzer, SAP S/4HANA Finance, and other SAP S/4HANA applications — on SAP HANA in large environments.

To become a real-time business, you must eliminate the delay between when analytic data is captured and what’s taking place now.

You can perform very complex joins and run multiple analytic engines simultaneously to include text, geospatial, and Internet of Things (IoT) data. And you can consolidate applications and infrastructure while also eliminating silos. The result is timely insight across your organization to make faster and smarter decisions, accelerate innovation, and gain competitive advantage.

Avoid Under-Capacity Without Over-Provisioning

As organizations begin running in real time, they often discover their vision for SAP HANA expands. And coupled with unforeseen data growth, the risk of under-capacity grows as well.

Using a unique modular architecture and SAP-certified for general availability, the SGI UV 300H scales from 4 to 20 sockets in four-socket increments and from 1 to 20 terabytes of in-memory capacity. Pending further certification, the system scales to 32 sockets and 32 terabytes of shared memory as a single-node system. You’re equipped for future growth without having to over-provision or require forklift upgrades.

Global deployments of the SGI UV 300H also now total more than 800 terabytes of in-memory capacity and provide 99.999% application availability in multi-tier configurations.

Transform into a Real-Time Business

From identifying customer behavior and buying trends as they occur, to identifying security threats and fraud before they cause harm, to managing suppliers, inventory, and staffing resources with pinpoint accuracy, SAP HANA transforms your business. On premise or in the cloud, the SGI UV 300H helps large enterprises make real-time business a reality.

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Bill Dunmire
Bill Dunmire

Senior Director, Product Management and Marketing — High-Performance Data Analytics

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