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Analytics Is the Key to Efficient Application Delivery

Benchmark SAP Change Delivery to Increase Business Agility and Reduce Costs

by Darren Thorpe | SAPinsider, Volume 17, Issue 4

October 10, 2016

New business intelligence (BI) technologies enable companies to harness and drive insights from vast amounts of customer data. But external data isn’t the only resource companies can draw on. Internal data, such as system performance data, is also a vital source of insights that companies can use to increase efficiency and agility. Learn how you can leverage analytics tools in SAP landscapes to benchmark your internal applications and processes and keep them running at peak performance.  

Modern business intelligence (BI) tools provide companies with an unprecedented ability to collate, analyze, and interpret a vast array of unstructured customer data. This new understanding can deliver genuine commercial advantage, but companies shouldn’t focus solely on external information.

Analysis tools can — and should — be applied to internal business processes in order to eliminate waste and increase efficiency. With greater visibility into internal systems and the requisite agility to respond, companies can properly benchmark success and work toward continuous improvement of their processes.

Greater Visibility, Greater Efficiency

While the total cost of maintaining and updating an SAP system is typically a known quantity, it can be challenging to understand which parts of the process are working most efficiently (especially in large, complex landscapes). Greater visibility provides the opportunity to reduce business-as-usual costs, freeing up resources for new, value-adding development.

DevAnalytics from Basis Technologies (see Figure 1) provides specific insights that can help to transform the way companies manage their SAP systems. Metrics across five key categories — velocity, cycle times, rework and waste, work in progress, and approval times — illuminate areas where waste, inefficiency, and bottlenecks can be eliminated. DevAnalytics supplies information that enables data-driven decision making, helping to increase business agility and make systems more cost-effective.

Figure 1 — DevAnalytics supports the creation of interactive dashboards in tools such as QlikView and Tableau

Capitalize on Opportunities

Digital transformation is providing the means to engage with customers on a more immediate and personal level — and companies need to be able to capitalize on this opportunity. Mission-critical systems must respond at the speed required to support business needs that are continually evolving. Firms without the ability to deliver rapid internal change will be unable to make the most of their BI investment and may risk losing out to faster competitors.

DevAnalytics brings greater visibility to the management of SAP systems, exposing inefficiencies — and high performance — that otherwise would not have been obvious. It supports modern development methods (such as Agile and DevOps) that go hand in hand with a faster pace of change, providing a comprehensive set of metrics with which to assess performance and track continuous improvement.

Benchmarking Success

Objective metrics also provide the means to set agreed-upon benchmarks that can be used to measure the performance of suppliers and internal teams. Such benchmarks can aid the management of specific projects, like the transition to SAP S/4HANA, by providing the means to set project milestones, measure progress, and rapidly highlight areas of risk.

Learn More

The wealth of customer data available today provides many new opportunities, but the ability to react quickly is vital if businesses are to capitalize fully. To increase agility, internal systems such as SAP solutions must be considered. To learn more about how DevAnalytics can help, visit or email

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Darren Thorpe
Darren Thorpe

Chief Technology Officer
Basis Technologies

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