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Discover the Tools for Running a Live Business

The Latest Technology and Strategies Are on Display at SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference

by Sarah Dolan | SAPinsider, Volume 18, Issue 2

April 20, 2017

IT professionals have been hearing a lot about what they need to do to embrace digital transformation, from obtaining real-time insights to becoming a “live business.” To accomplish these goals, however, professionals often need to learn new skills, discover new technologies, or discuss innovative strategies with their peers. This article looks at how the resources available at SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference can help you learn what you need to know to achieve a successful digital transformation. 

SAP customers have been hearing a lot about the concept of a “live business” — a business that can instantly respond to market trends, adapt to digital technologies and processes, and predict the best course of action to create value in the moment. Live businesses can harness data to drive insights and, ultimately, find new ways of running simple.

Becoming a live business can require learning new skills, discovering new technology, and uncovering ideas that you never considered. At the three-day SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference, attendees can expand the reach of their business network, explore SAP’s end-to-end portfolio, and connect with a forward-thinking community to see how their company can use digital technologies to become a live business. This year’s conference, which will be held May 16-18 in Orlando, features keynotes from industry leaders and inspiring innovators, more than 1,400 hours of content sessions, and a live rock concert. 

While the event is large, attendees can make their experiences personal. Tools are available to help you manage your time to prioritize sessions or demos, and quickly find answers to your unique business needs.

Prepare for the Future with a Live Business

A key component of being a live business is the ability to make instant decisions using current data instead of information that may be hours, days, or even weeks old. This is, of course, very appealing to nearly any business, but it can be difficult to determine what steps your organization needs to take to transform itself into a live business.

At SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference, experts from SAP, partners, and other customers will provide instructive content, solution descriptions, and technology demonstrations to help explain the concept of a live business in real terms. And this information will be available to nearly 20,000 in-person attendees and more than 200,000 online viewers.

Learning in an Interactive Environment

The event will feature a show floor the size of 16 football fields, with experts displaying multimedia digital experiences. The conference offers a completely redesigned campus and product experience created to make the show more dynamic. This enhanced experience includes theater presentations, demo opportunities, and discussion forums that bring innovative ideas and cutting-edge solutions to life in an interactive environment.

One 360-degree digital experience gives you the chance to imagine how harnessing live technology can produce real results for your business. Using four interactive nodes that are embedding live data directly into five different campuses, you can see multiple simulations comparing scenarios and predicting results on a live screen, showing an example of the possibilities available.

Learn More

SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference provides an opportunity to learn important digital strategies that drive live businesses, because when you run live, you run simple. To learn more, visit and

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Sarah Dolan
Sarah Dolan

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