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Are Your Data Uploading Processes Slowing You Down?

How a Microsoft Excel-Based Solution Can Streamline the Data Entry Process

by Tim Curtin | SAPinsider, Volume 18, Issue 1

January 25, 2017

As the need for more timely and accurate financial data continues to grow, many organizations are looking for ways to automate and streamline their data uploading practices. The learning curve for new technology can often be challenging, however, and can create resistance to change. This article shows how to automate data uploading in SAP landscapes with a tool that integrates with Microsoft Excel to provide an easy-to-navigate experience and a front end that users can readily recognize and adopt.

Every company has its own method for uploading financial data, whether it is done manually, with an in-house solution, or through a third-party offering. As the need for more timely and accurate data continues to grow, finance leaders are looking to automate, streamline, and improve business processes without adding complexity to their IT landscape. Many plug-and-play solutions on the market, for example, can simplify data entry and require very little IT involvement. But the learning curve to train employees on new software can be challenging. Finance leaders need a solution that provides an easy-to-navigate experience and a front end that users can readily recognize and adopt.

Microsoft Excel, for instance, is a tool that is often used in the accounting world and, when integrated with SAP solutions, can provide the standardized uploading option that many companies are seeking. Z Option’s GLSU, which has certified integration with applications on SAP HANA, gives finance teams the agility and accuracy needed to address the top challenges in data uploading — all with the ease and familiarity of Microsoft Excel.

Overcome Data Upload Challenges

When dealing with massive data uploading projects, many companies find that their in-house solutions are cumbersome and unintuitive. Errors are typically found individually, requiring finance teams to make corrections and repost entries multiple times. With today’s fast-paced economy, finance teams must be able to quickly make critical business decisions and trust in the accuracy of their data.

By combining configurable spreadsheet interfaces with custom ABAP components, GLSU helps finance teams build fast and easy data entries on a variety of business processes, such as journal entries that exceed 999 lines, mapping interface files, and various vendor postings (see Figure 1).

Figure 1 — GLSU offers an easy-to-navigate interface that has the look and feel of Microsoft Excel 

GLSU can also assist with importing payroll entries, improving audit trails by attaching documents, and managing workflow as it is compatible with SAP Business Workflow. The solution is also able to improve error handling with pre-validations and ease the transition of moving legacy information between systems.

Learn More

Whether you are thinking about replacing your in-house custom uploader, improving your uploading processes, or implementing new technology such as SAP S/4HANA, consider automating your data loading with a third-party solution such as GLSU. The easy-to-use interface integrates with existing systems, and users familiar with Microsoft Excel require very little training for the software. Companies leveraging GLSU have experienced an increase in data integrity across the business, from finance to marketing. The quality, volume, and accuracy of the data has greatly improved reporting, and many business analysts have found that GLSU provides better analytics that allows finance teams to focus on the bottom line.

As an SAP partner, Z Option has been providing Microsoft Excel-based solutions to the SAP community for over 17 years. Visit to learn more or to request a demo or trial of GLSU.

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Tim Curtin
Tim Curtin

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