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Packaged Digital Services from SAP Store Provide Innovation Quickly and Affordably

by Gaurav Jaiswal | SAPinsider, Volume 18, Issue 4

November 9, 2017

Finding the right consulting services can be a costly and time-consuming task — but for SAP customers that need only routine, limited-scope services, it doesn’t have to be. SAP Store offers packaged digital services that can be discovered, purchased, and provisioned completely online. Learn how a digital approach to consulting services delivers rapid results at a low cost, and helps companies embrace the digital economy.

Every company needs help with its business software from time to time. That’s why the IT services market is booming, with Gartner projecting that it will generate $938 billion in revenue in 2017. But despite the high volume of consulting engagements, services can be difficult to choose, procure, and consume. Traditionally, they have been offered only as part of larger deals rather than being sold independently, and buyers often must go through complex procurement processes that can delay the delivery of essential services.

Sometimes high costs and lengthy time commitments are unavoidable. For extensive consulting engagements or customized IT services, it can take a while for all parties to agree on the scope and cost of each service. But for companies that need routine, limited-scope offerings, there is another option: packaged digital services from SAP Store that can be discovered, purchased, and provisioned completely online. Available through a one-click contract and digital payment, these innovative offerings represent the future of services delivery and can help companies embrace the digital economy.

Digital Services with Minimal Interaction

The idea of using an ecommerce site to buy a consulting service may seem strange at first, but some standard services can be executed with limited interaction and iterations. Highly prescriptive or repetitive services that optimize software operations after implementation, for instance, are good options for digital delivery.

For example, imagine a customer who uses a cloud solution that includes analytics functionality. To prepare for a board meeting, an HR executive might require additional data beyond the typical scope of the solution. Delivering this data requires no in-person meetings, intricate service calculations, or thick request for quotation (RFQ) documents. Instead, limited-scope services like these can be purchased online at a low cost. Contracts can be simplified into an online form, and buyers can simply purchase the service from SAP Store using a credit card instead of initiating a complex purchase order and approval process.

Once a contract is executed, consultants can work remotely to efficiently deliver the desired service. Although they may need to consult with the customer to determine delivery time frames or answer simple questions, that communication can be handled by phone or email — no in-person meetings are required.

Fast Services at Low Cost

With packaged digital services, such as those for SAP SuccessFactors solutions available on SAP Store, customers can easily understand the scope of the service, commit to a fixed price, and have a realistic view of business outcomes. The online buying process is quick and easy, which enhances the user experience, delivers instantaneous value, and improves customer satisfaction at a reasonable price point. Some services, such as SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics Additional Data Refresh, can be purchased for less than $800. Once customers purchase a packaged service online, they typically hear from SAP within 24 hours. With no need for consultant travel or customer meetings, services can be delivered digitally within a matter of days.

Learn More

Procuring the right consulting services can be a costly and time-consuming task, but for SAP customers there is an easier way. From SAP Store, companies can seamlessly discover and purchase the packaged digital service they need, know it will be fulfilled quickly, and get the outcome they want automatically and affordably. Point-and-click purchasing is not just easy — it helps businesses save time and money in the digital economy. To learn more, visit

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Gaurav Jaiswal
Gaurav Jaiswal

Gaurav Jaiswal is VP of Portfolio & Business Development at SAP Digital. He’s responsible for bringing software, content, and services to life on SAP’s digital marketplaces by digitally monetizing products via customer-friendly commercial models. Follow Gaurav on Twitter @gjaislive.

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