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Speed the Delivery of Innovative Applications in the Cloud with SAP Solution Extensions

by Cindy Morel, Director, SAP Global Marketing, SAP Solution Extensions

March 12, 2019

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Over the years, more than 5,000 customers with tens of millions of users have confidently chosen to implement SAP Solution Extensions, which are products sold by SAP that are developed by third-party independent software vendors. SAP Solution Extensions enhance the customer experience because they simplify procurement, reduce risk, and help manage cost by offering broad functionality from a single vendor. This way customers can focus on their business — be it brewing the beer, baking the chocolates, or making the sneakers – and SAP can spend the time ensuring the solutions work and all the pieces fit together. In this article series, learn more about how SAP Solution Extensions help streamline the move to the SAP S/4HANA digital core; transform finance with intelligent automation, and speed the delivery of innovative applications in the cloud.

Billions of lines of ABAP code have been written over the years, and most of it will soon be replaced as SAP customers embrace the use of SAP Cloud Platform for application development. SAP Cloud Platform provides a way for customers to take advantage of the centralized nature of the cloud to rapidly scale their innovation to their entire enterprise. It is the one place to integrate their enterprise — to span both cloud and on-premise solutions that have one foot in the cloud and one foot still behind the firewall.

Executing digital transformation initiatives puts intense pressure on application developers to flesh out new business models and capitalize on the latest technologies. You must help capture emerging business opportunities that fly by at Internet speed. Rapid application development tools help by minimizing coding, boosting collaboration between IT and business users, and nurturing business innovation. SAP Cloud Platform Rapid Application Development by Mendix offers a fast, easy way to create and continuously improve business applications. It provides a visual development toolset for capturing fast-moving opportunities, capitalizing on groundbreaking technologies, and collaborating with business users. 

SAP Cloud Platform Rapid Application Development is SAP’s low-code solution for customers to create the innovative extensions they need to fulfill their own enterprises’ unique application needs.  With this powerful tool, business users can quickly create applications to meet departmental needs and then rapidly scale them to the enterprise. Customers are reporting timelines that completely break the old notion of how long it takes to build and roll out applications. Having success in just a few weeks, not the several months and years it used to take, is like finding an entirely new superpower.

Innovative Process Optimization

Once new applications are running, those enterprise software processes provide crucial support for business operations and enable growth and innovation. Establishing business processes and keeping them running at optimal levels of performance and efficiency give organizations an edge, enabling data-based continuous improvement.

With SAP Process Mining by Celonis, cloud edition, you can take advantage of pre-built data connectors that enable ready-to-go discovery and analytics for many processes, such as:

  • SAP financial processes, including accounts payable, order to cash, accounts receivable, customer master data, and customer service
  • SAP customer experience processes, including SAP C/4HANA, which supports customer experience processes including commerce, marketing, sales, and service
  • SAP procurement processes, including purchase to pay, sourcing, invoicing, and contracting — all critical for digital transformation across the enterprise

Faster Development, Deployment, and Testing Cycles

Keeping pace in the digital economy by speeding the delivery of high quality, innovative applications can give you an edge over the competition. With SAP LoadRunner by Micro Focus, you can validate performance, virtualize your network, simulate workloads, benchmark production system performance, and optimize your SAP S/4HANA software deployments.

SAP Quality Center by Micro Focus enables a comprehensive, risk-based approach to continuous testing with advanced, unified functionality for requirements management, test planning, test scheduling and execution, defects management, and project analysis. You can shorten testing and development cycles and eliminate bottlenecks and costly production defects — allowing your focus to be on executing your digital business strategy.

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Cindy Morel
Cindy Morel

Director, SAP Solution Extensions, Global Marketing, SAP

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