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Bring Financial and Employee Value to Your Consumerized Digital Business

by Amanda Mountain, Vice President, Marketing Communications, SAP Digital | January 18, 2018

This article provides an inside look at three of SAP’s most popular cloud products: SAP Cloud for Real Estate, SAP RealSpend, and SAP Financial Statement Insights. Each of these solutions can be purchased on the SAP Store and have been... MORE »»

Deploying Machine Learning to Build an Intelligent Enterprise

by Peter Russo, Global Vice President, Head of SAP S/4HANA Marketing, SAP | January 18, 2018

An absence of strategy trials only domain expertise as the reason why many companies have yet to adopt artificial intelligence and machine learning. Companies are challenged with how to apply these and other breakthrough technologies for business value. This article... MORE »»

A Strategy for Innovation

by Mike Flannagan | November 7, 2017

With the pace of innovation accelerating, companies of all sizes are trying to figure out how to solve the problem of bimodal IT — keeping their current IT operations running while adopting innovative new technologies that can help companies succeed... MORE »»

Take Charge of IT Operations Management

by Benjamin Notheis and Jeffery Van Heuklon and Richard Travis | November 7, 2017

As IT organizations seek a more strategic role in businesses, data center administrators are on the front lines. They’re asked to do more with less while having to cope with big data. To help with these duties, SAP IT Operations... MORE »»

User Adoption Can Make or Break a Project

by Steve Freeman | November 7, 2017

When SAP customers struggle with the implementation of a new business intelligence (BI) tool, it’s rarely because of the tool itself. In most cases, the issue is user reluctance to adopt the technology — users will only use a new... MORE »»

A Digital Partner in the Cloud

by Ted Basile | October 9, 2017

Today, companies face enormous pressure to digitize the business and deliver on evolving customer expectations. To do so, organizations are increasingly leveraging cloud technology, but moving off their legacy on-premise infrastructure can be a complex and time consuming process. With... MORE »»

Real-Time Insights for Real-Time Decision Making

by Susan Galer | August 16, 2017

Machine learning is a compelling opportunity for businesses to make intelligent business decisions based on instant, data-driven insights, and retailers are finding this technology to be a natural fit. Machine learning enables retailers to connect fashion trends to actual sales... MORE »»

SAP Customers of All Sizes Can Mine Digital Insights

by Ken Murphy, Editorial Director, Data & Analytics | March 9, 2017

What if you could determine the ideal place and time to advertise to your customers that would have the greatest impact on your marketing efforts? In today’s digital economy, marketing campaigns can become even more targeted when leveraging SAP Digital... MORE »»

SAP S/4HANA and Data Analytics: Evolution or Revolution?

by Gary L. Thrash and Ankit Batra | October 10, 2016

SAP S/4HANA has created a stir in the data analytics space, representing a significant shift in SAP’s business suite platform and offering noteworthy advancements in real-time analytics capabilities. As with any new technology, customers have questions about how an SAP... MORE »»

Analytics Is the Key to Efficient Application Delivery

by Darren Thorpe | October 10, 2016

New business intelligence (BI) technologies enable companies to harness and drive insights from vast amounts of customer data. But external data isn’t the only resource companies can draw on. Internal data, such as system performance data, is also a vital... MORE »»