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Insights on Managing Cash Flow and Generating New Revenue with AP Automation

by Dean Bearman, Business Development Manager and Howie Hahn, Senior Sales Engineer | October 19, 2017

In recent years, automation platforms have matured and become more common for businesses. Companies that leverage technology for accounts payable (AP) automation, specifically, can perform at optimum levels when they achieve a high level of automation in critical business processes,... MORE »»

Optimized Billing with Process Intelligence

by Steffen Scholz and David Eastlund | August 24, 2017

The digital economy is changing the way companies do business, including how they manage billing, which is a critical point of contact between an organization and its customers. A smooth invoicing process paves the way to prompt payment and a... MORE »»

Maximize Your Move to SAP S/4HANA Finance

by Dr. Christoph Ernst and Steve Stechschulte | July 20, 2017

As more and more customers are moving to SAP S/4HANA Finance, they have many questions about how to prepare for the transition and about how the company’s finance and closing processes will be affected. During a recent SAPinsider Live Q&A,... MORE »»

Streamline Budgeting and Planning with Accurate, Timely Data

by Bob Glitch | April 24, 2017

Successful planning and budgeting requires insights based on accurate data. Gaining this insight can be difficult, however — organizations often rely on outdated processes that do not deliver timely, accurate insights. Discover how a business planning approach that focuses on... MORE »»

Integrated Planning Across the Business

by Ivo Bauermann | April 20, 2017

Business planning requirements have changed dramatically in recent years. With economic volatility requiring dynamic planning processes and the need for real-time insight into data to better serve customers, organizations are seeking to move beyond fragmented planning tools and spreadsheets that... MORE »»

Clearing Open Items in SAP Systems: Best Practices for Reconciliation and Automation

by Michael Gilmartin and Stephen Wolfman | March 29, 2017

In many finance departments, open items can pile up in the system, slowing down operations with an overabundance of unmatched transactions. These open items need to be matched and cleared as quickly as possible, but for large organizations, that can... MORE »»

Take Asset Management Planning to the Next Level

by Marc Laplante | March 8, 2017

The requirements of ISO 55000 are growing increasingly important for organizations whose health depends on the health of their assets. They’re recognizing more and more that asset management is not just about keeping up with asset maintenance; rather, it’s about... MORE »»

How Will the Major Changes to Lease Accounting Standards (ASC 842/IFRS 16) Affect SAP Customers?

by Dillon Blakes | March 6, 2017

By 2019, every organization must change its lease accounting practices – the ASC 842/IFRS 16 regulations will require virtually all leases to be placed on the balance sheet. This change will have ripple effects throughout the organization, reaching beyond Accounting... MORE »»

The Role of Finance in an End-to-End Procurement Value Chain

by Friederike Hertenstein and Drew Hofler | January 27, 2017

The advantages of automating your procure-to-pay (P2P) network are easy to imagine, particularly when it comes to efficiency. The potential benefits go far beyond efficiency gains, however. If done correctly, an automated P2P network can provide new opportunities for spend... MORE »»

Take Control of Mergers and Acquisitions

by Carsten Hilker | January 27, 2017

As businesses pursue growth in the digital age, there has been an uptick in the rate of mergers and acquisitions (M&As). While M&As help organizations expand their capabilities and extend new offerings to their customers, they also bring unique challenges... MORE »»