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How to Accelerate the Digital Transformation Journey

by Tony Han | November 9, 2017

The problem for companies embarking on digital transformation is that they often focus on simply becoming faster, rather than truly transforming their business. This is because they are too intent on meeting day-to-day operational needs rather than driving innovation. Emerging... MORE »»

Build, Enable, and Act with SAP IoT Application Enablement, Express Edition

by Gaurav Jaiswal | November 9, 2017

The Internet of Things (IoT) offers an opportunity for organizations to digitally transform their business. To help SAP customers get started on this path, SAP offers SAP IoT Application Enablement, express edition, which allows developers to build and pilot IoT... MORE »»

Connecting Everyone, Everything, Everywhere

by Rohit Tripathi | August 24, 2017

In the digital economy, communication is everything — whether it’s people to people, people to machine, or machine to machine. Intelligent interconnectivity among all people and things across an organization can drive better efficiencies and deeper insights for smarter business.... MORE »»

The insideEdge

by Hans Thalbauer | August 16, 2017

Companies are increasingly realizing the enormous value that can be extracted from connecting people, products, and assets in a collaborative network that provides a real-time, operational view of the business. The mission and purpose of the SAP Leonardo portfolio is... MORE »»

Harness IoT and Big Data to Break Down Silos in Manufacturing

by Mike Lackey and John McNiff and Dr. Achim Krüger | August 16, 2017

In a digital supply chain, design, manufacturing, asset management, and finished products all come together in an uninterrupted, real-time loop to meet customer expectations for immediacy and customization. To achieve this, formerly siloed domains and processes must come closer together... MORE »»

A Real-Time Supply Chain for Digital Business

by Martin Barkman and Patrick Crampton-Thomas and Markus Rosemann | August 16, 2017

Delivering the products customers want, when and where they want them, requires a delicate balance between demand planning, response, and execution — a balance that is complicated in modern supply chains by evolving customer expectations for speed and personalization. The... MORE »»

Presenting SAP Leonardo as a System of Innovation

by Thomas Ohnemus and Richard Howells | August 16, 2017

SAP Leonardo burst on the scene as an Internet of Things (IoT) platform — but it has become much more. In this exclusive interview with SAPinsider, SAP’s Thomas Ohnemus, Vice President of Solution Marketing, IoT and Digital Supply Chain, and... MORE »»

Fulfilling Orders with Confidence

by Sujeet Acharya | April 24, 2017

E-commerce has changed how sales orders are processed. Instead of sending large orders to a handful of retailers, manufacturers are increasingly shipping small deliveries directly to customers. To serve these customers successfully, businesses must fulfill orders quickly, flexibly, and —... MORE »»

Connecting All Parts of the Supply Chain

by Thomas Ohnemus and Amr El Meleegy | April 21, 2017

In the past, supply chain technology revolved around traditional, on-premise ERP systems supported by siloed applications. While this model worked well for years, it is no longer sufficient with market trends such as e-commerce, omnichannel retail, and the Internet of... MORE »»

Boosting Warehouse Management with SAP S/4HANA

by Markus Rosemann | April 21, 2017

Warehouse management is a key component of the end-to-end logistics process, yet is sometimes overlooked when organizations invest in modernizing their supply chains. Failing to update warehouse management processes can have a significant impact on supply chain efficiency, however. Learn... MORE »»