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Five Things You Should Know About Payroll Tax Filing Software

by Gregory Shine, CPP, SHRM-SCP | January 10, 2017

A look at important considerations for building a business case for an in-house, on-demand payroll tax filing solution. MORE »»

2 and 4 Billion Reasons for Hitachi for UCP for SAP HANA

by Parisa Fathi | December 14, 2016

Hitachi sets a new BW-AML Benchmark for the 2 billion initial records.

How a good employee training program can help reduce turnover rates

December 14, 2016

Proving the ROI of an employee training program is no easy task, but what is the cost of not training your employees? Recent studies show that the cost of turnover could be anywhere from $11,000 per vacancy to two times... MORE »»

Not 2 but 4 Billion Reasons to Choose Hitachi for your SAP HANA Environment

by Parisa Fathi | December 6, 2016

A look at the latest SAP BW Advance Mixed Load Benchmark (BW-AML Benchmark) where Hitachi now ranks first for the 4 billion initial record load. MORE »»

Showtime – “An Ecosystem of Data”, featuring IoT and Fog

by Debi Patnaik | December 6, 2016

A friend of mine called up to talk about IoT. He works for a Global Systems Integrator and mentioned that their customers are going gaga over the trend and possibilities. “IoT … it sounds so new-age, doesn’t it? But it... MORE »»

Data Temperatures and Partitioning

by Debi Patnaik | December 6, 2016

An expert look at how HDS solves data accessibility problems. MORE »»

Final Showdown – ‘Real’ Industry Vertical Solutions

by Debi Patnaik | December 6, 2016

Over this series of posts, we have been looking at various aspects of data, managing those aspects and utilizing data in our favor. We have also discussed about value of data - which data adds value and which does not... MORE »»

The 'Orchestrated' Data Lake

by Debi Patnaik | December 6, 2016

Very simply put, this is an application of Chaos Theory and the Butterfly Effect. The problem is that we look at so much data but we don’t see. What is seemingly a chaotic set of data points is actually a... MORE »»

Introduction: Unlocking The Value of Your Enterprise Data to Accelerate Business Transformation

by Debi Patnaik | December 6, 2016

What does digital transformation mean in the context of your business? MORE »»

12 Control Issues That Can Slip Under the Radar — and How to Prevent Them

by Nicole D'Angelo, SAPinsider Assistant Editor | December 2, 2016

This blog explores the 12 common hidden control problems that can occur without your awareness, and gives advice for identifying and mitigating them.