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An enhancement package...for CRM?

by Molly Vaughan

April 22, 2010

by Molly Vaughan, CRM Expert

Most people have already implemented (or heard of) SAP's enhancement packages. They're a fast, convenient way to update parts of your SAP solutions without undergoing a full upgrade.

The big news in the CRM space is that SAP will release enhancement package 1 for SAP CRM 7.0 later this year. This is exciting news for people who have already upgraded to 7.0 - which was over 50% of CRM Expert subscribers when we last conducted our reader survey in January. Another significant portion of survey respondents said they'd be looking into enhancement package 1 this year (including many of the 40% who plan to upgrade to 7.0). A lot of buzz is being generated about what kind of improvements this enhancement package might bring. 

Do you think the availability of enhancement packages (in addition to its functionality and improved UI) will make 7.0 even more appealing to companies? 7.0 is already popular, but I'm wondering if the availability of enhancement packages will make it even more accessible. It'll be interesting to see if the percentage of general SAP CRM users on 7.0 (not just CRM Expert subscribers) hits 50% this year as well...!

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