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Enhancement Packages - What benefits do they provide HR teams?

by Amy Thistle

April 14, 2010

My last post focused on the research we are doing for our HR Europe 2010 event and the key topics, issues, and challenges Global HR teams are facing.  This week I'd like to focus on one of those key topics - Enhancement Packages.

Have you installed any eenhancement packages? Are you taking advantage of the new functionality that comes with enhancement packages? Are you confused about what an enhancement package is and what it means for HR?

I just read a fantastic article in HR Expert called "Get the Most From SAP ERP HCM 6.0 Enhancement" by Martin Gillet, SAP HR Consultant, Cogilius bvba.  This article outlines in detail the functionality included in each enhancement package!

According to the article enhancement package 4 provides the following new functionalities and enhancements:

  • New capabilities for SAP E-Recruiting
  • Performance Management: user interface, functionality, and integration (Figures 9 and 10) as SAP redesigned its user interface switching from Business Server Page (BSP) into Web Dynpro (WD)
  • Enhanced Compensation Management
  • Integrated Talent Management processes (including SAP Talent Visualization by Nakisa)
  • Enriched SAP Learning Solution
  • HCM Processes and Forms for mass processes
  • Concurrent Employment Management
  • Additional HCM localizations
  • EIC

With enhancement package 5 scheduled to be released in ramp-up in the late spring of 2010 there are many more exciting enhancements to come.

What enhancement package you are running,? What your overall enhancement package installation strategy?

If anyone has any insight into the new functionatliy enhancement package 5 will include please let us know!

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