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Everything you wanted to know about email marketing

by Molly Vaughan

April 28, 2010

by Molly Vaughan, CRM Expert

...Well, maybe not everything, but when it comes to E-mail Response Management System (ERMS) and marketing emails in SAP CRM, there are a few authors in particular for CRM Expert who've got you covered.

Their names? Among others, John Burton, Bill Pritchett, and Vinod C. Their most recent contribution is featured in Update 4, the next update of CRM Expert. You can check out their new article on opt-outs here.

Over the years, they've contributed many reliable and useful articles on the topics of email marketing and ERMS in particular. A simple search for one of their names at brings up an array of helpful articles, and you can also find them by clicking "E-mail Response Management System" or "Marketing" on the Categories page. Their articles are consistently among the most popular in the entire knowledgebase.

Although you can only see the full versions of their articles by signing up to be a subscriber to CRM Expert, one of the articles - "ERMS Email Escalation Notifications Help Prevent Frustrated Customers" by John Burton and Vinod C - is actually one of the featured free articles we're currently providing here. Stay t uned for more articles from these email experts in the future!

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