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Exciting news for IT0416 Quota Compensation

by Juliet Henry

April 30, 2010

Juliet Henry, EPI-USE America, Inc.

Okay, I realize that being utterly thrilled about an OSS note for Infotype 0416 instantly categorizes me as a geek of the first order, but I just can’t help myself.  I’ve waited for this fix for so long that I’m giddy with excitement at being able to share this with you.

If you've been frustrated by the fact that IT0416 Quota Compensation ignores the Deduction dates and compensates expired quotas, SAP has finally provided a solution.

Note 818886 - Infotype 416: Consideration of deduction intervals

So why is this such a big deal?  Prior to the release of this note on 25-Feb-2010, there was an inconsistency between how absences and quota compensation checked for the availability of quotas.  Below, I’ll describe life before the release of this note.

IT2001 Absences always considers the Deduction Period when determining whether quota is available for deduction. However, IT0416 Quota Compensation does not!  Payouts on an absence quota record can occur even after the Deduction End date has passed.  So, all quota balances are available for compensation, even when they are no longer deductible.  This is problematic for the many organizations in the US that have a “Use it or lose it” policy for absence quotas.  Upon termination, the IT0416 records for paying out unused quota will pay out old, expired quota accruals that the employee could no longer use.  A process – and most often manual to at least some extent – has to be put in place and executed at the end of each year in order to prevent IT0416 from paying out expired quotas.  This is laborious and often forgotten amongst the many other tasks that have to be performed around the holidays for year-end tax reporting.  Besides, it is difficult to justify this process to organizations who can’t understand why IT0416 behaves so badly, while IT2001 is the model child, and always checks whether a quota has already expired.

So, to save yourself the frustration and avoid potentially overpaying employees upon termination, implement Note 818886 if you have any “Use it or lose it” absence quotas.

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